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UARM™ THT™ Tactical Hotness Tee

UARM™ THT™ Tactical Hotness Tee

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UARM™ THT™ Tactical Hotness Tee

**Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks!

The THT™ is made to remind everyone that this is one of those few moments that you are not wearing any armor by still having a print of one on the tee. The shirt is soft and light, drying quickly and keeping you cool and hot at the same time.


Prints Are Cool

The THT™ is adorned with a sawed-in print of the UPC™ Ultralight Plate Carrier on the front. While the shirt might not be as durable as the hard plate going in that carrier, it will withstand hundreds of washes without losing its properties.


Maximum Softness

The amazing softness of the THT™ t-shirt is due to the high thread count incorporated into every model. This makes the shirt comfortable even in hot and humid weather, and it will keep you dry even when exercising.

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