It's not secret that has some of the best tactical helmets on the market. We carry ballistic helmets as well as normal bump helmets. Our helmets are Ops-Core FAST helmets, which provide ample cover to the back of your head, while still allowing you to use radio gear or ear protection.

Our bump helmets work well for keeping your head protected from falls or “bumps” although our ballistic helmets can keep you protected from the former and firearms. Some of our bump helmets can also be outfitted with our caiman hybrid ballistic applique. This is an attachment that can be put on your bump helmet to upgrade its ballistic and fragmentation abilities.

We also carry the Galvion batlskin viper modular suspension system (mss). This system will help your helmet fit much better and keep it comfortable. This system also allows for better air flow, which will keep you cooler. If you are going to wear your helmet for a long time, this system is a necessity.

You can also pick up one of our tactical helmet covers. A helmet cover can do a lot more than making sure that your helmet looks cool, or blends in. Our helmet covers will keep your helmet protected from scuffs or scratches while the helmet does its job. Plus they have velcro on them that would allow you to attach a ballistic applique.

Our helmets also have a place on the front to mount a variety of tactical gear. You can easily mount thermal gear onto your helmet and flip it up and down as needed. The mounts on these helmets are sturdy and as long as your gear is connected effectively, you can be certain that the mount and helmet will do its job.

This mount is also a great place to place a tactical headlamp. Military flashlights normally do a great job at this. carries multiple types of headlamps for many uses. We also have a headlamp made specifically to mount onto your FAST helmet, which is very bright and lasts a long time.

Lastly, we carry a ops-core ultimate defense multi-hit handgun face shield. This face shield is designed specifically to be compatible with our Ops-Core helmets. It is capable of stopping many projectiles that could be thrown your way. A tough face shield is a necessity if you are going into a possible riot situation.