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UARM™ SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap

UARM™ SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap

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UARM™ SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap

**Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks!

With its modern design, the SLC™ leaves the back of your head to the breeze to prevent you from sweating, which also shielding your eyes from the sun. All of this while staying fashionable.


Prints Are Cool

The SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap has a laser-printed statement on the front, paying homage to the 1777 United States flag and the UARM logo, all in one. With high-quality printing that will last as long as the cap itself, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that even Betsy Ross would’ve liked to have one of these.


Total Ventilation

The best way to keep your head dry under a cap is to make it breathe as if it is not even there. The SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap does just that with its perforated back, still blocking the rays from the Sun while letting the air through.


Soft Sun Protection

The SLC™ Sharp Looking Cap has a soft front panel that will press gently on your forehead and not leave lines and marks. It is made only to protect your eyes and make you look cool, without needing to sacrifice anything in return.

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