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Tactical Medical Solutions

TacMed Solutions Warm Zone/SRO ARK

TacMed Solutions Warm Zone/SRO ARK

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TacMed Solutions Warm Zone/SRO ARK

**Manufacturer's Lead Time: 2 - 4 weeks!

The TacMed™ Warm Zone/School Resource Officer Active Shooter Response Kit (WZ/SRO ARK) is designed to meet the needs of the medical responder or SRO providing care in the warm zone. The WZ/SRO ARK, a complete redesign of the standard ARK and ARK Evacuation Kit, carries more lifesaving interventions, is easier to deploy, and incorporates features based on countless training events and actual responses.

The WZ/SRO ARK holds up to 8 fully customizable Casualty Throw Kits, and in its standard stocking, brings 14 SOF® Tourniquets, 14 pressure dressings, 14 chest injury treatments, and 2 Ultralight Poleless Litters directly to your warm zone, casualty collection point, or ambulance collection point. The SRO version replaces 4 of the standard Casualty Throw Kits with the new small Casualty Throw Kits, featuring the Tramedic® Tourniquet, designed to work on even smaller limbs than the standard SOF® Tourniquet.

Accessing the Casualty Throw Kits is easier with the addition of a red pull handle that can be manipulated from strong or weak side. Once open, the throw kits can be tossed to other responders and even bystanders due to the bilingual just-in-time trauma instructions found inside.

The WZ/SRO ARK also excels as a rapid extrication platform by simply replacing the casualty throw kits with the Rescue Task Force Litter, adding to the two Ultralight Poleless Litters that already come stocked on the outside. The upgraded side panels feature rip-away and throwable pouches, mounted horizontally so they can be accessed by your team without having to take the bag off your back. Outside pockets provide quick access to hemorrhage control devices, poleless litters, or triage equipment. The active shooter environment has forced first responders to adapt to new and dynamic operational environments, and the tried and tested ARK has adapted into the WZ/SRO ARK to fit those needs.


All versions include:

  • 2x TacMed™ Pocket Medical Kit
  • 4x SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 (Rescue Orange)
  • 4x OLAES® Modular Bandage (4")
  • 2x Ultralight Poleless Litter
  • 2x Beacon Chest Seal (nonvented, 2-pack)
  • 2x Surgical Tape (2" x 10yd)
  • 4x Petrolatum Gauze (sterile, 3x18")
  • 2x Trauma Shears (5.5")
  • 6PR Nitrile Gloves (purple, size XL)

Standard Throw Kits version also includes 8x TacMed™ ARK Casualty Throw Kits, each containing:

  • 1x SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4
  • 1x Control Wrap (4")
  • 1x Krinkle Gauze
  • 1x Emergency Blanket
  • 1x Surgical Tape (2")
  • 1x Casualty Marker Panel
  • 1x Bilingual Instruction Card

SRO Throw Kits version also includes 4x TacMed ARK Casualty Throw Kits and 4x SRO Casualty Throw Kits, each SRO Throw Kit contains:

  • 1x Tramedic® Tourniquet
  • 1x Control Wrap (4")
  • 1x Krinkle Gauze
  • 1x Surgical Tape (2")
  • 1x Emergency Blanket
  • 1x Casualty Marker Panel
  • 1x Bilingual Instruction Card
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