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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec Switch Rail | 10 Lumens | 36 Hours

Princeton Tec Switch Rail | 10 Lumens | 36 Hours

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Princeton Tec Switch Rail

  • Switch Rail is a low-signature weapon-mounted task light.
  • Designed for navigation, signature reduction, stealth structure search, and breaching operations, this light has recessed LEDs providing discreet lighting in a variety of specialty color combinations. Switch Rail attaches directly to Picatinny Rail for secure mounting. A single button allows access to up to two constant lighting modes.
  • ULTRABRIGHT LEDS -  The Ultrabright LED is bright and efficient. The smooth, white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks. Ultrabright LEDs are usually grouped together to offer a more powerful light source. Advances currently underway will continue to improve the efficiency and brightness of Ultrabright LEDs. "Ultrabright" can also be yelled when using the term in conversation, but not nearly as loud as "Maxbright".
Princeton tech switch rail gun light picatinny

Princeton Tec Switch Rail Features

  • POWER - 10 Lumens
  • LAMP - 2 Ultrabright LEDs
  • BURN TIME - 36 hours
  • BATTERIES - 2 CR2016 Lithium Coin Cells
  • WEIGHT - 0.77oz / 22g
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