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Streamlight Beartrap | 2,000 Lumens | Rechargeable

Streamlight Beartrap | 2,000 Lumens | Rechargeable

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Streamlight Beartrap - High power with a big performance in both spot and flood modes

Are you looking for a versatile and high-performance lighting solution for all your inspection, identification, and repair needs? Look no further than the BearTrap from Streamlight! Its unique design allows it to clamp to virtually any flat, round, or irregular surface, making it an ideal choice for illuminating hard-to-reach spaces like under the dash, under the hood, or even under the car.

With powerful Spot and Flood LEDs and six output modes, the BearTrap delivers a whopping 2000 lumens of cool white light, making it easy to see and work in even the darkest corners of your work area. The Flood mode fills your work area with evenly dispersed, bright light, while the Spot mode provides a concentrated beam that can reach up to 174 meters away!

And with its built-in folding wire handle that doubles as a hook, magnetic base, and ability to stand independently, the BearTrap is genuinely hands-free, allowing you to work with both hands while keeping your work area well-lit free from clutter.

The BearTrap's rigid thermoplastic construction and chemical-resistant lens make it highly durable and able to withstand most common automotive chemicals. At the same time, its rubberized grip surface is designed to prevent scratches and ensure a secure grip even when working in wet or oily environments.

And with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the BearTrap can continue to charge while plugged in and in use, ensuring that you always have a reliable source of light on hand no matter where your work takes you.

Beartrap Streamlight Review

Work Light Features

  • High Lumens - 325 - 2,000
  • Run Time on High - 4.50 hours
  • Run Time on Low - 12.50 hours
  • Beam Distance - 174 meters
  • Max Candela - 360 - 7,500
  • Battery Type - Lithium Ion
  • Battery Quantity - 1
  • Length - 7.62 inches (19.35 centimeters)
  • Weight - 2 pounds 3.00 ounces (992.23 grams)
  • Colors - Red

Streamlight Flood Light Specifications

Inspect, identify, and repair with the multi-function BearTrap. High power with big performance. It produces bright white light in both spot and flood modes.

Go hands-free - it clamps virtually anywhere or stands on its own, allowing you to illuminate hard-to-reach spaces like under the dash; it also features a magnetic base and stowable hook.

  • Cool white light with spot and flood modes:
    • Flood fills your work area with evenly dispersed, bright light:
      • High: 2,000 lumens; 69m beam; runs 2.5 hours
      • Medium: 1,000 lumens; 52m beam; runs 5 hours
      • Low: 575 lumens; 38m beam; runs 8.75 hours
    • Spot provides a concentrated beam:
      • High: 1,000 lumens; 174m beam; runs 4.5 hours
      • Medium: 450 lumens; 120m beam; runs 8.75 hours
      • Low: 325 lumens; 100m beam; runs 12.5 hours
  • Hands-free applications:
    • Clamps virtually anywhere
    • Magnetic base
    • Hang hook
    • It stands on its own
  • Rechargeable, continues to charge while plugged in and in use
    • Secure cord connection
  • Lithium-ion battery recharges in 5.5 hours
  • Multi-function push-button switch with battery life indicator
    • The battery level indicator turns red when the battery needs to be recharged
    • The button recessed to prevent accidental actuation
  • Rugged thermoplastic construction; Chemical-resistant lens - withstands most common automotive chemicals
    • Rubberized grip surface designed to prevent scratches
  • IPX4 water-resistant; 1m impact resistance tested
  • 7.62” (19.37 cm); 2 lbs. 3 oz. (992g)
streamlight bear trap lifestyle image working on car

Streamlight Beartrap FAQs

Who is the Streamlight Beartrap designed for?

This versatile light is especially useful for anyone in the automotive industry, law enforcement, security, fire & rescue, industrial or hardware fields. Its durable design, intense luminosity, dependable battery life, and IPX4 water resistance rating make it the perfect option for anyone needing to rely on a lighting source daily, regardless of the environment.


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