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RTS Tactical

RTS Tactical Advanced Sleek 2.0 Level IIIA Soft Armor

RTS Tactical Advanced Sleek 2.0 Level IIIA Soft Armor

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The latest product in the RTS Tactical line up is the re-engineered RTS Tactical Advanced Sleek 2.0 Plate Carrier. This continues the RTS Tactical tradition of cutting-edge innovation that has established it as an industry leader in the manufacture of outstanding tactical gear.

The Sleek 2.0 is designed specifically as a covert mission plate carrier. A low-profile solution to the need for armor in the rapidly changing tactical situations encountered by the warfighter and operator. Designed for the user who needs a low profile and full active ballistic protection. Discreet, yet quick and easy to don and doff, it is perfect for use on undercover operations.

While ballistic protection is critical, the additional benefit of comfort is also important. The elastic side construction keeps the armor inserts snug against the body while in motion. This is not only comfortable while wearing but allows the operator to wear the carrier for longer without experiencing discomfort.

While the carrier is sleek, lightweight and discreet, it is also tough and sacrifices nothing when it comes to protection.



  • RTS Tactical Sleek 2.0 Carrier

    As Level IIIA soft body armor, our pliable, lightweight body armor inserts meet NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Level IIIA Body Armor specification as laid out in the Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101.06. This means that they will protect against a variety of small arms fire, including rounds from a 9 mm, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, and ALL other handgun threats, in addition to 12 gauge shotguns (shell and slug).


    The minimalist, lightweight ballistic plates are easy to conceal, but provide the stopping power you need to stay safe in any tactical combat situation, all without compromising agility or freedom of movement.


    Stay light, stay fast, stay ready with the RTS Tactical FX770 NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA Soft Armor Inserts.

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