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RTS Tactical

RTS Ballistic Armor Whiteboard Panel

RTS Ballistic Armor Whiteboard Panel

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Portable Ballistic Panel to protect against Rifle & Special Threats Ammunition while also a whiteboard.

The RTS Tactical Ballistic Whiteboard is the superior protection against projectiles and blast fragments.

These RTS Tactical Bulletproof Whiteboard panels can be used in airports, government institutions, schools, stadiums, and other high-security environments where safety is a major concern.

The Mobile Ballistic Panel White Board is easily installed and deployed and can be moved from one place to another within a facility and the wheels can be locked into place.

Teachers, board rooms, and training facilities can use this panel as a whiteboard and double as a ballistic barrier to be locked into place in a classroom by the door in the event of an active shooter and essentially make the classroom bulletproof.

The RTS Tactical panel features an NIJ Certified Level III+ Steel Armor Plate which can stop 7.62mm and 5.56mm Green Tips and other Special Treat Ammunition. These certified Panels are then coated with Encapsaloc, an anti-ricochet, anti-splatting material, which dramatically mitigates the effects of collateral damage due to ricochets and spalling.

Ballistic Panel Features

  • Superior protection against special threat projectiles, & blast fragments.
  • Portable, heavy-duty wheeled panels offer mobile protection with lock to lock into place.
  • Fullly Functional White Board

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