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Ronin Respirator | Ballistic Full Face Mask | Devtac | HUD Available

Ronin Respirator | Ballistic Full Face Mask | Devtac | HUD Available

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Heads-Up Display (HUD)
Devtac Ronins are built-to-order and quality tested. Lead times can take up to 6-8 months (subject to change).
Orders will ship sooner if available or in stock.

Obtain Maximum Protection From Ballistic Threats with the Devtac Ronin Helmet Facemask - Get yours Now!

  • Unmatched Protection - The Devtac Ronin Ballistic Mask offers a 90% protection rating, backed by NIJ level 3A certification, providing unparalleled protection against ballistic and blunt force threats. This is the ONLY Full Face Helmet with respirator capability on the market today. Making it the best option for optimal protection and breathability.
  • Customizable Features to Meet Your Needs - Devtac Ronin Ballistic Helmet is designed to integrate with the most recent technologies. This includes heads-up displays, like the PicoLinker Heads-Up display, and in-ear ear protection for optimal versatility. The NVG Shroud and the side Picatinny Rails are included in the base model of the Ronin Helmet.
  • Flexible Design - The Ronin Respirator by Devtac boasts a lightweight Kevlar frame, weighing only 1kg, and a nylon 3D air mesh lining that provides users with superior airflow and breathability.
  • Maximum Durability and Strength - The Devtac Helmet is designed to provide enhanced protection. It is certified NIJ Level 3A, which means that it can withstand the impact of both .357 SIG and .44 Magnum bullets fired from any handgun. Additionally, it is 100% fireproof, with temperature resistance up to 1832F (1000C).
  • Absolute Comfort - The Ronin Respirator by Devtac features enhanced security and comfort thanks to its adjustable chin strap. Its adjustable visor provides eye protection and adjustable ear flaps protect from wind and debris. Additionally, it includes a convenient quick-release buckle system for straightforward detachment and stowage. The Devtac Ronin helmet's fan-defogging system is a game-changer in breaching missions as it prevents fogging and condensation on the lenses, ensuring maximum clarity and visibility at all times.

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Introducing the Devtac Ronin

The Devtac Ronin Tactical helmet is a must-have for anyone who prioritizes safety and effectiveness in their missions. Here are the six best reasons why you should consider getting one:

1. Unmatched Protection: Devtac's Ronin Respirator is a revolutionary ballistic full-face mask that is designed with a Kevlar shell and shock-absorbing foam cushioning, providing up to 90% protection from ballistic threats and other blunt forces. It is the ideal choice for protective equipment in any situation.

2. Superior Ergonomics: The Devtac Ronin is constructed with user comfort in focus. It features an ultralight Kevlar frame that weighs only 1 kilogram and boasts nylon 3D air mesh linings for ventilation and breathability. The mask is equipped with a defogging system, interchangeable lenses, and removable cheek plates for improved aiming precision without causing discomfort in the neck.

3. Customizable: The Devtac Ronin is fully customizable and can be equipped with plates that offer varying ballistic levels, functions, and designs depending on the user's requirements. The helmet frame functions as a chassis to which accessories like NVG mounts and rails can be conveniently attached.

Ronin Devtac Full face mask with respirator

4. Flexible: The frame of the Ronin respirator is designed with flexibility to offer resilience against impacts and blunt forces. Enhanced strength is provided by 6 powerful N52 Neodymium magnets. Furthermore, the mask is quickly removable with the latch, five magnets, and two pins on the back helmet.

5. Versatile: The Devtac Ronin is a versatile gear that is compatible with the latest technologies, including a heads-up display clamp only for PicoLinker, vuzix, and the PicoLinker HUD by Westunits. The helmet's head ventilation system with NVG shroud and full-piece mandible further enhances its versatility.

6. High-Quality: This full-face bulletproof helmet is made with top-quality materials that meet NIJ level 2 standards, including ballistic Kevlar, ANSI 2871 lenses, and Flextech foam cushion for shock absorption made in the USA. With its exceptional quality and features, there is no doubt that the Devtac Ronin is among the best helmet facemasks in the market.

Overall, this tactical helmet full face is the ultimate protection gear that combines superior protection, ergonomics, customization, flexibility, versatility, and quality. Get yours now to ensure maximum protection from ballistic threats in your line of duty.

What Comes in the Box?

  • Front Mask Ronin Respirator version Frame, Internal Wiring Set, and Mesh
  • Back Ballistic Panel
  • MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone and MB-90 PAPR 
  • 40mm NATO Threaded Filters & three compact filter options
  • Chin Strap & Forehead Strap
  • NVG mount Top Head Ballistic Panel
  • Extra Clear Lenses
  • Detachable Cheek plates
  • Defogger Micro jet fan
  • 6-Point Strap Buckle to convert to a mask
  • Foam Pieces - 
    • Flextech Foam 7mm Padding
    • Flextech Eye Foam Sealing for defogging
    • Flextech Foam for the Back
    • 7mm Flextech Sizing Pad for back helmet (to reduce size)
    • 10mm Soft Urethane foams with adhesive
    • 10mm 4/10cm Rubber Foam for spacing and comfort
    • 1mm Urethane Adhesive Foam Sheet for covering wiring parts
  • SCREWS - (4) Stainless Steel Phillips Screws, (5) 4mm Stainless Spring Washers, (3) 4mm Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw Caps for crown extender and mandibles

Optional Upgrades for your Devtac Ronin Respirator Helmet

Devtac Ronin Ballistic Helmet Features

1. The Devtac Ronin Helmet provides 90% protection from bullet impacts and other blunt forces

2. A lightweight ballistic Kevlar shell frame weighing only 1 kg makes this ballistic helmet full face mask one of the lightest tactical helmets on the market.

3. The Ronin ballistic mask has Nylon 3D air mesh linings for breathability and airflow.

4. The Dev Tac Ronin ballistic helmet has a defogging system and slide-in lenses for easy replacement.

5. Detachable cheek plates offer better cheek welding in this full-face ballistic helmet.

6. Six built-in N52 Neodymium magnets that attach the detachable cheek plates offer flexibility while maintaining protection.

7. Compatible with the latest technologies, like head-up displays, Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), respirator systems, and communication systems.

8. This full-face tactical helmet is made of high-quality materials meeting NIJ level 3A standards and fireproofing it up to 1832F.

Devtac Ronin Helmet Ballistic Respirator set up

Ronin Helmet FAQs

Can anyone buy the Devtac Ronin bulletproof helmet?

The Devtac Ronin ballistic full-face helmet is available for purchase worldwide. It is primarily designed for military and law enforcement personnel who require maximum protection against ballistic threats in their line of duty. With its technological compatibilities, it can be used in conjunction with many other tactical devices easily.

Do the Devtac Ronin lenses fog up?

A major concern for anyone using a facemask or helmet is whether the lenses fog up or not, especially during critical moments. Fortunately, the Devtac bulletproof helmet lenses address this concern with its defogging system and slide-in lenses. These features ensure clear vision and convenience, even in the most extreme conditions, by preventing moisture buildup and fogging.

Additionally, the Devtac Ronin lenses are ANSI rated and use Flextech foam cushioning for shock absorption. This ensures that the lenses are impact-resistant and can handle the toughest situations. The slide-in design of the lenses also makes them replaceable, ensuring a longer lifespan for the facemask.

Should I buy the Ronin helmet with the Heads-Up Display setup? 

The PicoLinker is a small, super-lightweight, one-eye wearable display.
Via the HDMI input, it can be connected to a PC, smartphone, and wearable camera. This gives the advantage of additional spatial awareness, when connected to a gun-attached camera, without limiting your vision.

Can the Devtac Ronin stop a bullet?

The helmet's Kevlar shell and ANSI 2871 lenses offer exceptional ballistic protection against a range of common threats. These include pistol rounds such as 9mm, .45 ACP, and .357 Magnum.

The helmet's Flextech foam cushioning system also ensures that impacts are absorbed efficiently for added protection. It is also worth noting that the Devtac Ronin has been thoroughly tested in a range of real-world environments and situations. Military and law enforcement personnel who have used the helmet have given it high praise. It ranks high in reliability, durability, and ability to provide unmatched protection in high-stress situations.

Where to buy Devtac Ronin?

You can find products by Devtac for sale at Atomic Defense. You can buy the Ronin Full Face Helmet right here on our website. We're the perfect place for those looking to buy Devtac helmets and other protective gear. With a wide selection of products and accessories, ranging from the Ronin Breacher helmet to the PicoLinker HUD and respirator set-up, Atomic Defense provides customers with a one-stop shop for their ballistic needs.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality ballistic protection products at reasonable prices, Atomic Defense also provides expert advice through our Customer Service team which is available 24/7 via email or telephone. They offer personalized support for any questions or concerns consumers have about purchasing or using their products properly.

Will the Devtac Roin Full-face helmet fit my head? 

Yes! With the four different sizes, it is very easy to get the perfect Ronin helmet to fit your head. You will need to take two measurements of your head. You will need to measure your head circumference or the distance around your head and then the distance from your hey to your chin.

If your head circumference is 58cm(22.8in) or smaller then you will want a regular helmet. If your head circumference is larger than that then you will want a Large helmet. 

"Long" sizes can be specially ordered upon request.  

Ronin Helmet sizing chart

Devtac Ronins are built-to-order and quality tested. Lead times can take up to 6-8 months (subject to change).
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