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S&S Precision

PlateFrame Rebreather Attachment Kit (RAK)

PlateFrame Rebreather Attachment Kit (RAK)

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Carrier Model

The RAK-Rebreather Attachment Kit establishes an adjustable four point connection between a rebreather and select S&S Precision Carrier Systems.


  • Includes Neck and Waist Strap Adapters, as well as, shoulder and cummerbund adapters, as well as rebreather conversion straps that connect via four 1.5” wide side-release buckles
  • Attach directly to the rebreather or the rebreather’s cover via a 1.5” tri-glide and allows the user to adjust the rebreather’s position on the carrier/harness
  • Side release buckle system allows the user to quickly don or doff the rebreather
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