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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec Charge X | 100 Lumens | 40 hours

Princeton Tec Charge X | 100 Lumens | 40 hours

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Introducing the Princeton Tec Charge

  • PROGRAMMABLE - Set and change the order in which the colored LEDs appear upon activation for highly personalized performance. 
  • DUAL-FUEL - Charge X is powered by either a CR123 lithium battery or a single-use AA battery.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION - With its easy-to-find and simply reached button, Charge is quickly activated and dimmed.
  • FLEXI-NECK DESIGN - Allows for simple and accurate spot illumination that adapts to the task at hand.
  • CR123 POWERED - Operated via a single CR123 battery for optimal cold weather performance and lighter weight.
  • LOW-PROFILE - Charge X is the lowest-profile helmet light on the market.
  • SPECIALTY COLOR LEDs - Charge X offers the ability to customize your lighting experience with the use of different combinations of White, Red, InfraRed (IR), Green, and Blue LED coloring options depending on the model you choose.
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SPECS of the Princeton Tec Charge Light

  • POWER - 100 Lumens
  • LAMP - 1 Maxbright LED (regulated), (dimmable)3 Ultrabright LEDs
  • BURN TIME - 40 hours
  • BATTERIES - 1 AA Lithium
  • WEIGHT - 1.67oz / 47g
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