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Ops-Core Fast SF Helmet Cover

Ops-Core Fast SF Helmet Cover

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The Ops-Core FAST SF Helmet Cover is extremely lightweight while providing a host of benefits. In addition to providing camouflage, the cover protects the helmet shell from dings and scratches, ensuring the finish stays intact. The paint on the helmet doubles as a protective coat that keeps scratches and abrasions from rubbing through to the ballistic layers. But, it can wear down over time in the field if not properly protected. The cover features para-cord loops for attaching natural foliage and vegetation for camouflage in the field or for routing cables.


  • Lightweight and easy to don and doff, providing the ultimate in signature management convenience.
  • Compatible with Ops-Core FAST SF Ballistic, FAST MT Ballistic, and FAST SF Carbon Composite helmets.
  • Lightweight mesh and weave construction.
  • Mesh overlaps vent holes on FAST SF Carbon Composite helmet to provide maximum airflow.
  • Para-cord attachment points for natural foliage, camouflage material, or cable management.
  • Protects the shell while still providing all of the FAST helmet platform functionality.
  • Attaches with integrated VELCRO 
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