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Ops-Core Ballistic Face Shield | Multi-Hit FAST

Ops-Core Ballistic Face Shield | Multi-Hit FAST

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Ops-Core Multi-Hit Ballistic Face Shield offers Maximum Protection Against Handgun Threats

  • The Multi-Hit Bulletproof Face Shield can be quickly and securely attached to any size Ops-Core® or Gentex® ballistic helmet
  • The ultimate defense against multiple impacts from handgun threats for everyone from law enforcement and military personnel to everyday civilians
  • This helmet glass with the ARC mounting mechanism allows for a stable and comfortable attachment system on mission-configured helmets.
Ops-Core Face Shield Multi-Hit Ballistic Attached to helmet and flipped down

Tactical Face Shields Features and Specifications

  • Face shield assembly fits all sizes of Ops-Core FAST and Sentry helmets, and Gentex ACH/TBH style helmets
  • Ballistic protective lens
  • Fore/Aft adjustment maintains effective seal with different helmet geometries as well as increases offset to accommodate masks and other equipment when needed
  • Ops-Core helmet face shield offers a rail interface locking system that provides a solid platform for the face visor.
  • The locking mechanism secures the face shield at any angle
  • Folding arms for a smaller storage footprint
  • The pivot location keeps the face shield as close to head's center of gravity as possible for increased comfort
  • The face shield gasket minimizes the chance that liquids will drip behind the lens 


  • The Multi-Hit Handgun Face Shield by Ops-Core provides maximum protection against multiple impacts from handgun threats.
  • The tactical helmet face shield assembly fits all sizes of Ops-Core FAST and Sentry helmets, as well as Gentex ACH/TBH style helmets.
  • This Ops-Core visor with the ARC mounting mechanism allows for a secure and stable attachment system on mission-configured helmets
  • Its unique internal locking mechanism secures the Ops-Core face shield in any position desired.
  • The visor's compact mounting arms fold for easy storage when not in use, and its strategic placement keeps the shield close to your head's center of gravity, promoting optimal comfort.
  • To guarantee its optimal performance, this product has endured a variety of tests such as weather meter testing for accelerated aging, high-temperature operating and storage assessments, cold temperatures trials, and vibration inspections.
  • With a coverage area of 69.98 in2 (451 cm2), this protective face mask offers total protection from multiple pistol rounds. This Ops-Core Eye Protection does not hinder the wearer's ability to move their head and eyes freely or limit visibility.
Ops-Core Multi-Hit Handgun Face Shield Flipped up and attached to helmet

Bulletproof Face Shield FAQs

How strong is the Ballistic Helmet Face shield?

This FAST Helmet Face Shield can take multiple hits from 9mm and 44 caliber weapons confidently. Any round that averages 1400 fps or lower can be stopped by this shield.

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