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Hard Head Veterans



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Introducing the NITECORE HC65M headlamp that works flawlessly with the HHV helmet shroud. This NITECORE headlamp is specifically designed to mount to the NVG shroud that comes on both the HHV Gen 2 ATE Ballistic helmet and the HHV Tactical bump helmet. This headlamp features an incredibly bright threshold of up to 1000 lumens, as well as secondary red and CRI LED’s. It also features 180 degrees of movement up and down to easily adjust the direction of the beam. It features a high-capacity USB rechargeable battery and a built-in power indicator to let the user know when it needs a charge. It also features a durable, waterproof housing that can withstand anything that you need it to.

This triple output tactical helmet light is specially designed for law enforcement, military, firefighting, search and rescue, but it is not limited to those personnel. This light enables the user a hands-free operation that is ideal for nighttime activities, walking, reading, machine operating, medical treatment, filming, and so much more. Get yours today!

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