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NIJ Level III+ Multicurve Plate Body Armor | ESAPI Cut | Light-weight

NIJ Level III+ Multicurve Plate Body Armor | ESAPI Cut | Light-weight

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Both the 10x12" and 11x14" options are on a delay and will be available in 3-4 weeks.

Our armor military plates are crafted with Polyethylene and Ceramic materials making them incredibly lightweight, weighing half as much as level III+ steel plates. Despite being lightweight, these multicurve plates offer maximum protection by effectively stopping bullets from pistols, AR-15s, and AK-47s. Unlike traditional steel plates, these plates are safer as they are designed to deform bullets in a safer manner and completely absorb each bullet, avoiding ricochets or shattering that cause shrapnel. Our Level III+ ballistic sapi plates provide superior protection against rifle rounds and other types of ammunition. They are also compact enough to fit into a backpack, purse, or carrier vest of the correct size. For optimal protection, we suggest purchasing two plates – one for the chest and one for the back.

  • Our product has industry-leading features such as a lightweight design and ergonomic construction. It exceeds NIJ III standards and can stop both 7.62 and 5.56, making it a level III+ according to current industry standards.
  • Our Standalone NIJ level III plates are designed to stop various types of ammunition, including 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm FMJ, lead core, and hollow point rifle ammunition from rifles like the AK-47 and AR-15, as well as 9mm, 10mm, .45cal, .40cal, .380, .38 Special, and numerous other calibers.
  • Our product testers and lab conduct tests that exceed the NIJ requirement for ballistic resistance. They fire various rounds, including 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm FMJ, lead core and hollow point rounds, and 7.62x51mm/.308. The III+ designation indicates that our plates undergo testing that exceeds the NIJ requirement.
  • The plates have a QR code label that links to a certification sheet. The sheet shows details like tested ammunition, angles, back-face deformation, distances, and more. Independent Testing Certification


  • The ergonomic design is curved to match your body shape, allowing for accurate shooting and arm movement with the real ESAPI shooter's cut and body curve.
  • You can legally travel on an airplane with our Level 3 standalone polyethylene protection, which offers better protection than IIIA or 3A. It is TSA approved and safe for air travel.
  • This product is rated NIJ III, which means it can block and stop several types of bullets fired from sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles, and airguns. It is highly recommended to purchase two plates to cover both the front and back of vests and clothing for optimal protection in life-threatening situations.
  • Our product is superior to IIIA and Kevlar because it can stop bullets fired from AR-15 with 5.56 and AK-47 with 7.62, among others. It uses Military-grade PEAD™ and ceramic mil-spec plating, which has been tried and tested to stop multiple fully-automatic rounds from various weapons.
  • Our PEAD™ (Polyethylene) UHMWPE is stronger than steel at the molecular level, making it safer, more reliable, longer-lasting, and lighter than steel.
  • This product is painted in a way that makes it harder to detect in low-light conditions.
  • This product is made with materials that resist fire, water, and dust.


  • CUT: SAPI (Mil-spec)
  • WEIGHT (10"x12"): 3.9 pounds / 1.8 kg
  • WEIGHT (11"x14"): 4.9 pounds / 2.2 kg
  • MATERIAL: Military-grade PEAD™ (Polyethylene) UHMWPE and Ceramic
  • SIZES: Two sizes - 10x12x0.9 in (25x30x2.3 cm) or 11x14x0.9 in (27x35x2.3 cm)
  • COMPLIES WITH: NIJ level III (3) under standard 0101.06, VPAM PM 6, TR SK2/PM5, HOSDB HG3, RF1, and SG3, GOST Class 5, GOST BR4.

Ballistic Resistance of Bulletproof Plates by Caliber and Weapon Type

In the Box

  • NIJ level III+ multicurve bulletproof plate


What sets our multicurve plates apart from the competition? 

Our Level III+ panels are made with MIL-SPEC polyethylene plating and an all-weather coating, making them almost indestructible. Unlike many other Level III plates and vests that only use ceramic, our premium plate is made of over 100 compressed PEAD™ layers.

Our use of costly PEAD™ material in constructing the Level III bulletproof plates allows us to create armor that is lightweight and comfortable and performs better than what is required by NIJ. This sets our product apart from others in the same category that use Kevlar or steel, resulting in strong and light plates, providing both protection and mobility.

Is this a Standalone Plate or ICW Plate?

It's a standalone plate, which means it has the capacity to stop bullets such as 5.56x45 FMJ, 9mm, .44 Magnum, 7.62x39 FMJ, without any additional armor needed.

Why PEAD Armor Plates? 

PEAD UHMWPE (PE) is an effective material used for bulletproof plates because when a bullet hits the plastic coating, the friction causes it to melt. This softens the plate, allowing it to absorb the bullet's energy and disperse it around the plate. As the surface cools and hardens again, it contains the bullet. These absorption and cooling processes limit the bullet's impact area, enabling a PEAD vest or plate to withstand multiple hits before breaking.

What Is NIJ Level III+ Body Armor?

Our NIJ III+ Bulletproof Inserts meet the requirements of the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) standard 0101.06 for body armor. This standard has five categories, with Level III being the third highest. Level III armor is able to resist and stop the most common rifle bullets. The body armor must limit backface deformation to 44mm or less. Our level III+/3+ armor can stop up to 5.56x45 FMJ and JHP, as well as the NIJ 7.62 standard ammunition.

Atomic Defense tests Level III armor plates to make sure they can stop multiple 7.62x51 mm NATO FMJ steel-jacketed bullets at speeds between 2,850 and 2,910 fps, which is above and beyond the NIJ requirements. The armor plates are also tested in a conditioned state, rather than being brand new, to ensure better protection for the wearer.

Level III+ armor provides effective protection against high-caliber rifle rounds such as 7.62x51 mm NATO FMJ. To ensure military-grade bullet resistance when necessary, consider using Level III+ ballistic plates for your carrier vest or personal bag.

What Is the Difference Between NIJ Level III and III+ Plates?

To clarify, body armor is grouped into five categories based on their ballistic resistance according to the NIJ standard 0101.06. Although some companies label their armors as level III+, this is not officially recognized by the NIJ and falls under level III. Most level III armors from these companies can only stop 7.62x39 FMJ, but Atomic Defense level III armor can stop both 7.62x39 FMJ and 5.56x45 FMJ and JHP.

Order NIJ III+ Bulletproof Inserts from Atomic Defense for free shipping and a competitive price.

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