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Atomic Defense

Half Face Bulletproof Mask for Helmets | NIJ Level IIIA+

Half Face Bulletproof Mask for Helmets | NIJ Level IIIA+

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Atomic Defense has a solution for close-range ballistics and debris. The Level IIIA+ Ballistic Half-Face Mask covers most of the wearer's face with durable Aramid that deflects or absorbs bullets. Ample space between the mask and the wearer's mouth makes it easy to breathe during use.

  • Industry-leading features: A bullet-resistant Aramid shell with high-compression polyethylene (PE) fabric and five-point elastic straps for flexibility.
  • Ballistic resistance: Tested for NIJ Level IIIA+ ballistics resistance. These masks stop .44 magnum, 9mm, .38 special, 45 Auto, 40 S&W, and .357 SIG rounds.
  • Testing: These masks undergo extensive testing at our NIJ-certified lab to meet and exceed Level IIIA performance standards.


  • Compatible with all helmet types (as long as your helmet has vertical and horizontal adjustable padding to change where the helmet sits on your head).
  • Easily stops 9mm, 45 ACP, .44 Mag, .22, .380, .38, 10mm, 12 gauge, 12 gauge buckshot, and so much more! + see the chart below on our website.
  • High compression Aramid fabric to yield the most comfortable shaping. Complete facial protection.
  • Upgraded and lengthened EverLast-elastic straps. Prevents loose feeling after thousands of uses.
  • Padding over the entire forehead, temples, cheekbones and cheeks.  
  • Newest version, direct from us in California! Designed for special forces to use with helmets around the world so you can rest easy. 
  • Don't buy a bulletproof mask before reading this: Other retailers' masks are not rated and tested. Other masks risk bullet splatter and shrapnel in the user's face. This one does not. 
  • This IIIA+ mask is also stabproof. When you need this mask the most you'll likely be close quarters. Don't get another mask and risk knife penetration.
  • Fire, water, drop, and dust-resistant fabrics.
  • Anti-reflective coating for stealth in low-light environments


    Atomic Defense Ballistic Ratings Chart for NIJ Ratings II, IIA, III, IV, and IIIA


    • Standard: NIJ IIIA+ ballistic mask that meets and exceeds NIJ 0101.06 standard 
    • Weight: 2 pounds / 0.9kg
    • Fits: All helmets (May need to adjust padding to raise helmet.)
    • Color: Black
    • Sizes: One size fits all
    • Complies with: NIJ level IIIA under both standards 0101.06 and 0106.01

    Assembled and In the Box

    • NIJ level IIIA+ mask for helmets with straps and padding attached.


    What Is a Bulletproof Mask for Helmets?

    Aiming for the face can cause significant and often lethal damage. Ballistic half-face masks from Atomic Defense protect one of your weak spots. These masks stop various multiple bullets and shotgun slugs while interior padding softens the blow. They also resist knives and shrapnel.

    What Makes This Mask Different From the Competition?

    Aramid makes our tactical face mask bulletproof, while other features and materials make it comfortable to wear. The mask also features five-point elastic straps that secure its position even after hundreds of uses.

    Atomic Defense adheres to and exceeds National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards when developing and selling ballistic equipment. Our half-face masks comply with NIJ standard 0101.06 requirements for body armor and maintain a Level IIIA+ rating. We test our mask designs to ensure they hold up against multiple hits. In combination with a bulletproof helmet, half-face ballistic masks offer virtually 360 degrees of protection.

    What Does Level IIIA+ Mean?

    Level IIIA+ indicates that a product has been tested beyond NIJ level IIIA under standard 0101.06. New NIJ Level IIIA armor can withstand .357 SIG bullets at speeds between 1,430 fps and 1,500 fps. It can also tolerate .44 Magnum bullets between 1,400 fps and 1,460 fps. We go above and beyond at our in-house testing center by firing numerous rounds.

    You can view performance certificates and watch testing videos online — get in touch to learn more.

    When Should I Choose a Half-Face Mask?

    Ballistic half-face masks are preferable in close-quarter situations when visibility is a top priority. These masks perform best against close-range weaponry like pistols, shotguns and knives. The vision outlets leave the eyes exposed but enable clear sight when a ballistic visor may fog up or scratch without proper care.

    Wear a half-face mask if you intend to wear additional head protection. Atomic Defense also offers Ballistic Full Face masks with the same materials and NIJ rating. The full face edition covers the wearer from below the chin past the forehead, while this mask stops above the eyebrow line. A half-face mask is compatible with any ballistic helmet for a broader protection radius.  Be sure to adjust your helmet's padding to accommodate the mask.

    What if the Mask Doesn't Fit Under My Helmet?

    Some helmets and human face shapes will need the mask to sit under the brim or the inside lip of the helmet.  Be sure to adjust and experiment with your padding to find the best fit for your face and helmet combination.

    If the mask doesn't fit under or against your existing helmet, you'll need to adjust the padding inside your helmet to accommodate the mask. If your helmet has horizontally adjustable padding, you can adjust it so that the width of the mask fits comfortably while you have the helmet on.  If your helmet has vertically adjustable padding, you'll want to adjust it so that the helmet sits a little higher or lower on your head to make room for the top of the mask.

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