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Hard Head Veterans

MICH/ECH HHV BTE® Plus Ballistic Helmet

MICH/ECH HHV BTE® Plus Ballistic Helmet

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This BTE Plus ballistic helmet is designed for those who want all the premium features of our ATE ballistic helmet, but also has the extra ballistic protection that a below-the-ear helmet cut can offer.

This helmet includes the following already installed.

- A3S NVG Helmet Shroud

- HHV M-LOK Rails

- HHV Multi-Layer Pad System

- HHV Maglock X-Pad Suspension System

The BTE® Ballistic Helmet shell is pressed with with ballistic fibers from Dupont®(USA) or Teijin®(Netherlands), overseas in China. Providing best-in-class protection at an affordable price. Made from DuPont™ Kevlar®. The Helmet offers significant weight savings, with the BTE® weighing in at 3.04 - 3.61 lbs.

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  • 10% off at Comm Gear Supply (Headsets, etc)
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