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Mestel Safety

Mestel Safety Protection SGE CBRN Gas Mask

Mestel Safety Protection SGE CBRN Gas Mask

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CBRN Canister

    The SGE 400/3 BB Butyl Rubber Gas Mask is a full-face respirator that also meets military and civil defense requirements. The SGE 400 series masks are the newest design and have many features not found on the SGE 150 and earlier SGE 400 models which include:


    • Lens treated with a special Siloxane chemical and scratch-resistant coating.
    • A moisture relief valve is added for enhanced user visibility and comfort.


    SGE400/3BB Gas Mask


    Identical to the SGE 400/3, but with a butyl rubber face seal to respond to the CBRN requirements.




    • Filter ports: 3 (side &; front)
    • Face silicone seal: Silicone
    • Face shield coating: Yes
    • Additional bottom port: Available
    • Drinking device option: Yes
    • Microphone connection: Available with side port substitution
    • Lenses support: Available as access
    • Integrated hood: Available
    • Speaking diaphragm: Available on request
    • Mustard gas resistance: Yes


    Mestel Safety Credentials


    Mestel Safety understands the importance of testing and certifying products. Therefore, over the years, Mestel Safety has undergone many certification processes and testing. The following are some of the certifications and countries that the Mestel Safety Gas Masks have been certified in:


    (more information is available upon request)


    1. Certification ISO 9001-2008
    2. University of Genoa Certification
    3. Spain (Centro Nacional de Medios de Protec- tion, Certificate of Approval No. 3082)
    4. Denmark(Societa Generale Elastomeri S. p. A., Ar- bejdstilsynet)
    5. Australia(Work Cover Authority, Certificate of Ap- proval No. 1778)
    6. England( Health and Safety Executive, Certificate of Approval, CA/156/89)
    7. Complies with BS EN 136 UK, Germany, Denmark, HSE, DIN, EN 136:98
    8. NATO classified supplier
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