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LOF Defence Systems

LOF Defence Systems ACS Mission Flap M1

LOF Defence Systems ACS Mission Flap M1

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LOF Defence Systems ACS Mission Flap M1

 **Fast Delivery: Estimated at 1-2 weeks!
Due to the custom nature of this product and high demand, there is limited stock available. If your order is not in stock it will be made to order and lead times may apply. Lead times vary depending on demand, material availability and global geo-political conditions. All lead times are estimates for the same reason and are subject to change without notice. 

Anyone who has worn various body armour systems in their line of work knows all too well that everyday use causes wear and tear on equipment and that issues will eventually come to wake. Even with the highest quality body armour platforms, Velcro closure systems are bound to fail with repeated use. Vests with cummerbunds utilizing velcro attachments are among the fastest component to wear out on any SBA vest or Plate Carrier. ACS Mission Flap gives you the ability to field repair your SBA Vest or Plate Carrier. Major benefits are achieved with removable and replaceable components. The ACS Mission Flap utilizes loop Velcro which is prone to wearing out with repeated use, making it more cost effective compared to vests that require total replacement or expensive repairs when the loop velcro closure system fails - only replace it when you need to.

Many functions are featured in this little rectangle piece of fabric. The ACS Mission Flap is compatible with LOF Defence Systems' S.C.A.R. CTAC and Protector body armour platforms. Attaching directly to the front of your rig, it is designed to work in conjunction with your cummerbund for securement, donning/doffing your vest, attaching any MOLLE compatible equipment, quick loadout changes and most importantly, replaceable.

Loop Velcro is one of the only parts that wear out on Velcro systems. The ACS Mission Flap is a repeatedly used component when donning & doffing your body armour. We have designed it so when the closure system finally fails due to repeated use, it can easily be removed and replaced with a new one giving you a new closure system. Gone are the days of spending money on costly repairs or completely replacing your equipment because of wear and tear.


All OEM plate carriers and SBA vests made with ACS Mission Flaps have reinforced laser cut access points to weave the webbing straps through - keeping them completely hidden, secure and out of the way.

Step 1
Grab your rig and your new ACS Mission Flap

Step 2
Weave webbing straps through all six access points

Step 3
Observe the symmetry of your ACS Mission Flap to make sure everything is even and lined up properly. Double check all hook and loop velcro points behind the access point to make sure all components are secured. Your body armour platform now has a brand new closure system and is ready for use.

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