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Israel Catalog Level IV Concealed Bulletproof and Stab Proof Vest with Ceramic Alumina Plates

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Israel Catalog Level IV Concealed Bulletproof and Stab Proof Vest with Ceramic Alumina Plates

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This bulletproof vest is the perfect protection for situations with piercing armor rifle threats. It meets NIJ IV Protection Level and comes with front and back stand-alone armor plates. Including 2 Standalone polyethylene and ceramic alumina plates no need to add level IIIA soft panels.

Israel catalog's bulletproof vest is a secure design of level IV body armor created with civilian needs in mind. Made with a protective thermo- weldable nylon layer, the front, back armor plates are perfect for civilian situations. The vest is comfortable and gives the wearer freedom of movement while protecting them from harm. The plates themselves are guaranteed for 5 years, and the vest for a year, this bulletproof vest is made in Israel to the highest degree of quality.

Made in Israel

Level IV armor protects against
Caliber Protection
AK 47 7.62 mm x 36 mm PS
MI93,5.56 mm x 45 mm
SS109 5.56 mm x 45 mm
AK 47 7.62 mm x 36 mm APIBZ
30.06,7.62 mm x 63 mm AP
It also provides protection against the threats mentioned in [Types I, IIA, II, IIIA, and III].

The concealed protective vest can be kept on for lengthy periods and ensure that the user gets full protection of his torso from both the front and the back. All products are subject to rigorous tests and standards: NIJ Std, IDF Mil-spec, US Mil-std, DIN, NFPA, ASTM, EN, and more.

Protective Materials-hard Ballistic protection:  
Polyethylene and Ceramic Alumina
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet): III+ 
Weight: approximately 6.6 kg / 14.5 pounds (including vest & 2 plates)
Inner Shell: Special net for evaporation of perspiration
Thikness 2.2 cm / 0.86 inch
Plates size (each)
Size (cm): L – 30 / W - 25 / T – 2.07 + 0.05
Size ( Inch): L – 11.8 / W - 9.8 / T – 0.81 + 0.019

Size Chart: