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Hydraulic Water Pump

Hydraulic Water Pump

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Hydraulic water pump operating at 140 bar for rescuers. The hydraulic water pump has a small size, light weight and easy to carry. It allows pumping large diameter solid particles and can pump liquids containing up to 30% solids. The hydraulic water pump is suitable for pumping work in small spaces, underground and inland waters. 


  • Small size, light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Allows the pumping of large diameter solid particles.
  • Can pump liquids containing up to 30% solids.
  • Suitable for pumping work in small spaces, underground and inland waters.
  • No tool damage will occur under idle conditions.
  • Incorporates a duplex stainless steel impeller, suitable for seawater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your tools made?

Hydram has been manufacturing hydraulic tools in France since the beginning and we have developed a range that meets all expectations in this area. We also select the best equipment that goes with the range of hydraulic tools to offer a global offer. Each material that is delivered has been previously tested in accordance with European standards.

Do you have certifications?

Hydram received the ISO 9001 certification label for its Saint-Bonnet de Mure assembly site as well as ISO 14001 certification. All Hydram suppliers are certified with a recognized quality label.

Do you want to learn more?

Be sure to check out our blog post on the importance of Hydram Hydraulic tools here.


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