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Devtac Ronin HUD PicoLinker

Devtac Ronin HUD PicoLinker

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WestUnit's PicoLinker

PicoLinker is a small, super-lightweight, one-eye wearable display.
The HDMI input can be connected to a PC, smartphone, and wearable camera. PicoLinker can be used in various industries, including the tactical field.

The information at eye level - Thanks to the non-transparent display, it’s easy to see the screen even in bright daylight.

Compact and lightweight - The compact and lightweight wearable display weighs only about 30g, so it’s not heavy when worn.

Easy connection via HDMI - PicoLinker is ready for use with any device equipped with an HDMI output terminal.

PicoLinker Features

  • Button
    • Brightness adjustment
    • Screen flip
  • Display
    • The non-transparent display makes it easy to see the screen even in bright daylight.
  • Flexible arm
    • The display position can be freely adjusted and fixed.
  • HDMI input terminal
    • It can be connected to the video output of an external device via HDMI.
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