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HRT Tactical

HRT Triple Magazine Placard | All Colors

HRT Triple Magazine Placard | All Colors

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HRT Triple Magazine Placard

  • The HRT Triple AR Placard was designed to attach to our HRAC and RAC plate carriers or work in conjunction with the Duraflex Buckle system.
  • Our HRT Triple AR Placard holds three M4-style rifle magazines. The magazine pouches feature a polymer insert along with bungee retention to keep your magazines in place.
  • The back face of the placard is a hook face to mate with a loop face of the front of a carrier or vest to keep it securely in place.
  • The placard is made from 500 Denier Cordura and has an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system.

HRT Triple AR Placard military tactical swat use

HRT Triple Mag Placard Features

  • This is a Triple AR Mag Placard meaning it can hold up to 3 full magazines to keep you supplied in the field. 
  • Polymer Insert to hold magazines in place
  • Bungee retention for magazines
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard
  • Duraflex Buckle attachment system to attach to HRT HRAC and RAC Carriers (Male and Female Included)
  • placard measures 9.25” x 7”

HRT Triple AR Mag Placard FAQs

What Plate Carriers will this HRT Mag Pouch work with? 

This plate carrier magazine placard will work with any plate carrier that uses a Duraflex Buckle system which includes the HRAC and RAC carriers by HRT that are sold here at Atomic Defense. 

What accessories go with the Triple AR placard?

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