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HRT Tactical

HRT AWLS Light | 1700 Lumens | 103 Minutes

HRT AWLS Light | 1700 Lumens | 103 Minutes

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Invest In Your Safety: Get the HRT AWLS Full Size 18650 Weapon Light Now!

The AWLS(Advanced Weapon Light Systemn) is a modern weapon-mounted light system. It is designed to be simple, reliable, modular, and ambidextrous, and can adapt to any situation.

  • Our PSF-Mk6 LED head is an exceptional and compact weapon light available on the market with a maximum output of 90,000 candelas and 1,700 lumens (raw). It provides a beam distance of more than 600 yards, allowing you to identify potential threats from far away.
  • Additionally, it produces a uniform spill for nearby navigation and a daylight-balanced color temperature of 5500k for accurate color representation.
  • To get the best performance use a 18650 battery. The product can also function on (2) CR123A batteries in a pinch.
HRT AWLS advanced weapon Light system military tactical use uniform spell close range navigation
  • Our Full Size 18650 body can be mounted using a direct MLOK mount or traditional Picatinny connections. It is completely reversible, giving you a variety of mounting options.
  • The Valhalla Tactical Omni Directional Activator (ODA) is a new device that changes how operators use white-light activations. It has an intuitive and reliable mechanism that offers the same speed and accuracy without the drawbacks of traditional remote switches. The ODA also allows users to easily separate their visible and infrared activations. This reduces the risk of unintended white light activations compared to using traditional remote switches.
  • The oversized tail cap houses a 10-Amp rated switch for future-proofing and can be locked out for transportation. Last but not least, the ODA’s sensitivity is user adjustable to the operator’s needs. 

HRT Weapon Light Review

AWLS HRT Light Features

  • OUTPUT - 1700 Lumens
  • RUNTIME - 103 Minutes
  • PEAK BEAM INTENSITY - 90,000 Candela
  • COLOR TEMP - 5500k daylight balanced
  • BATTERIES - (1) 18650 Lithium (incl.)
  • SWITCH - Removable Omni-Directional Activator/ Push Button
  • LENGTH - 6.6 in
  • DIAMETER - 1.25 in
  • WEIGHT - 7.5 oz w/battery


HRT AWLS advanced weapon Light system user two PID threats from afar medical professional


Is this a tactical rifle light or AR 15 light?

Yes, this light can function with rifles and specifically AR-15s. With the use of a Picatinny rails system, it can easily mount onto a variety of weapons.

Can this light system or AWLS be used with a home defense weapon?

Yes, this light is completely fine for civilian use. This high Candela weapon light is a great uniform spill for close-range navigation.

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