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Hel-Star DTA (Designator Threat Alert)

Hel-Star DTA (Designator Threat Alert)

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HEL-STAR® DTA provides forward operators with a haptic alert inside the helmet when lased by ground-based laser designators or aircraft targeting lasers.

This feature combines the multi- function personnel marking capabilities of the HEL-STAR 6® with the active IFF sense & alert technology of HEL-STAR Finto one essential piece of kit for forward personnel.

Export of this product (IR Models) is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or Contact Us for more Information.

  • HEL-STAR DTA mounts on a helmet shell or helmet cover with available Velcro® or a choice of HEL-STAR Attach Patches.
  • A User Feedback Module (UFM) is a cable with an integral haptic alert that attaches to the back of the HEL-STAR DTAbody and is routed inside the helmet.
  • The sense & alert system is ON when any of the four visible, covert or black-out operating modes are ON.
  • HEL-STAR DTA detects when lased by incoming aircraft targeting lasers and ground-based laser designators and sends a strong haptic warning alert to the operator.
  • HEL-STAR DTA detects and sends a haptic alert when ranged by certain laser range finders.
  • Three beacon settings can come in White, Red, Blue, Green, or IR in a variety of light intensities, flash rates or in steady.
  • Blackout Mode: HEL-STAR DTA provides a lights outmode when the sense & alert system is ON only, with No Emission (visible or covert).
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