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Gas Mask Adapter (DGMA)

Gas Mask Adapter (DGMA)

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The DGMA is the smallest and most robust gas mask communications adapter available on the market. This adapter is an easily operated solution that enables protective masks equipped with ECPs to seamlessly couple to existing and future individual communications packages. Simple design; no extra wires, clips or plugs to distract operators in a complex environment. Plug and play. 

  • Compatible with C50, M50, FM53 & FM54 or any other protective masks utilizing a 2 pin ECP port for the U-173/U type connection. 
  • This includes MFF (Military Free Fall) communications enabled oxygen masks like the MBU-12/P.
  • Compatible with all NATO wired push to talks that accept U174 style plugs. 

This adapter will bypass the microphone on your headset only using the internal microphone of your mask or other ECP equipped enabler. 

*Wonton not included

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