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Rebel Tactical

Flight Gloves

Flight Gloves

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       Introducing Rebel Tactical Flight Gloves, the ultimate upgrade to the traditional government-issued flyer gloves. Designed with cutting-edge features and enhanced durability, these gloves are built to excel in the most demanding operational activities. With improved seam construction and double line seams in high-stress areas, Rebel Tactical Flight Gloves are engineered to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting performance. No matter the intensity of your mission, these gloves have got you covered.

       But that's not all. We understand the importance of staying connected in today's digital world. That's why our flight gloves come with touch-screen compatible fingertips on the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Now you can effortlessly operate your touch-screen devices without removing your gloves, ensuring seamless communication and control at all times. 

       Equip yourself with Rebel Tactical Flight Gloves and experience the next level of performance and functionality. Embrace the future of hand protection and elevate your operational capabilities. Order your pair today and be ready for any challenge that comes your way.  





  • Palm sheepskin leather
  • Back Nomex N303 ( 92% Nomex 5%Kevlar 3%Anti-static )
  • Knitted fabric weight 270 ~ 280 GSM - Freedom green color .
    • Sewing thread 30'S/3 Kevlar thread freedom green color
    • 5% Kevlar provides additional strength and structural integrity when exposed to heat and flame.
    • DuPont Nomex fabric and thread
    • Heat and Fire resistant to 700°F
    •  Manufactured to US Military spec Mil-G-81188B
    • Durable leather palm
    • Kevlar® thread
    • Excellent thermal protection .
    • 3% Anti-Static fibers offerings for assured protection against electrostatic discharge hazards 

    Nomex Flight GlovesNomex is an inherently flame-resistant , high-temperature resistant fiber that will not melt, drip or support combustion in air. A key factor in the protection provided by Nomex is its ability to carbonize and thicken when exposed to intense heat.


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