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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec Eco Flare | 10 Lumens | 500 Hours

Princeton Tec Eco Flare | 10 Lumens | 500 Hours

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Princeton Tec Eco Flare

A vital part of any diver’s equipment bag, the Eco Flare can be set on constant high output mode for use as an area/personal locater light, or with a simple swap of an LED flashing, red beacon for low-visibility, dark nights.
Either Ultrabright LED will burn in excess of an astonishing 500+ hours on 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

Princeton Tec Eco Flare Features

  • POWER - 10 Lumens
  • LAMP - 1 Red Ultrabright LED1 White Ultrabright LED
  • BURN TIME - 500 hours
  • BATTERIES - 2 AAA Alkaline
  • WEIGHT - 1.5oz / 42g
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