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DTNVS High FOM (RPO Glass w/ IPD Stops)

DTNVS High FOM (RPO Glass w/ IPD Stops)

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HCC Tactical is proud to offer the DTNVS by ActinBlack as one of our selected platforms for custom Night Vision builds. 

All custom built DTNVS systems with RPO Glass will meet the following:

  • 5 year warranty on housing and build service
  • 2376 Min FOM IITs in White Phosphor with Spec Sheets with min 72 lp/mm center resolution
  • All Tubes will be within the Spot Spec Allowances per Elbit / L3 (See Images)
  • Manufacturer Tube Warranty
  • RPO Lightweight Eyepiece / Objective Glass
  • IPD Stops Installed
  • OpFor Night Solutions Lightweight Diopters
  • Collimated Tubes
  • Leak Tested Housing
  • Nitrogen Purge
  • QC Checks 
  • Includes: Samara Lanyard, Vortex Optics LensPen, Lens Cloth, Cat Crap Anti-fog Paste, TNVC Expandable Storage Pouch, Bikini Covers, and one Bad Ass HCC Tactical Patch!

This product is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or contact us for more Information.

The DTNVS is a lightweight folding binocular built on proven technology and enhanced for greater reliability verse previous generations of Night Vision Binoculars. The DTNVS binocular combines lightweight materials and a low profile when folded to the helmet to reduce neck strain.

The DTNVS binocular has a full feature set that includes both individual sideways ON/OFF for each eyepiece and Flip-Up ON/OFF capabilities when folded up preventing backsplash on the helmet. To enhance the DTNVS features it incorporates built-in IR LED for close quarter operations with separate IR-ON indicators and low battery indicators in the field of view.

Furthermore, we have added Interpupillary (IPD), to allow a quick positioning of the eyepiece when folded down from a Flip-Up position.

We’ve eliminated the external battery port – Why? The DTNVS uses standard CR123A batteries as commonly found in lasers or flashlights. A single battery provides over 25 hours run time. However, as the pods shut off when flipped up and therefore halving the power consumption, most users report up to 35 hours on a single battery.

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