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Hard Head Veterans

Large Dealer Display

Large Dealer Display

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The ideal display for firearms and tactical stores. It showcases our most popular colors, models, and types of helmets. Along with a few sets of our Microlattice pads that are best when seen and felt!

What's included:
-4x ATE Ballistic Helmets- S, M, L, XL Sizes - Multicam, Coyote, OD, and Black
-2x sets of Microlattice pads in 1 inch and 3/4 inch thickness
-2x ATE Bump Helmets - S/M and L/XL size
-1x BTE Ballistic Helmet in M Size
-1X BTE Plus Ballistic Helmet in L Size
-1x Professional display on casters for easy placement
-8x Helmet holders for slat wall on display
-1x Custom QR code and holder for display

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