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Combat Medical Mojo® Direct Action Aid Bag

Combat Medical Mojo® Direct Action Aid Bag

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Combat Medical Mojo® Direct Action Aid Bag

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The Best Bring Their mojo

The Mojo® Direct Action Aid Bag strikes the balance between smaller Combat Lifesaver bags and bulkier advanced care bags. This ultra low profile, multi-mission medical bag is designed for use in close quarters and vehicle environments. The pockets, flaps, pouches and multi-loop retention system allow for maximum configuration options for a variety of patrol, assault, rescue and vehicle-based missions.

Inside the Direct Action Aid Bag are clear, removable pockets that allow for quick, organized treatments. And, if your mission should extend, the Direct Action Aid Bag is so versatile it can be adjusted quickly by adding the removable padded waist belt and three large external pockets to increase the amount of medical or mission gear stored. The Direct Action Aid Bag offers the field Medic immediate options for tailoring the kit to meet their ever changing operational needs.

Born from the real-life experiences of military special operations medics across years of deployments, “Mojo® Medic” Bags aim to simplify tactical medicine, even for the most advanced practitioners. Every pouch, pocket, strap and handle has been designed and purposefully placed to give first medics the best access to the life-saving equipment inside.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Ultra Low Profile
  • Maximum Configurability
  • Versatile Portability
  • Mission configurable: organize your medical bag according to operational need
  • Low profile allows for easy vehicle travel
  • Multi-Loop retention system maximizes internal configurability
  • Four large, clear front movable and/or removable procedure pockets
  • Generous Velcro closure flaps on procedure pockets
  • Removable padded waist belt

Clinical Benefits

  • External access hydration pocket
  • Three large external removable equipment pockets for surgical operational equipment or extra medical supplies

Product Specifications

  • Unit Weight (stocked): 11.9 lbs.
  • Unit Dimensions: 24″L x 17″W x 7″D
  • Berry Amendment & trade compliant
  • Sourced, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
Purchase of some medical devices that may be labeled “Caution” or “RX only” requires that purchaser is a licensed physician or work under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Ensuring this supervision is the purchasers' responsibility.
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