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SafeGuard Medical

Combat Medical APLS Thermal Guard

Combat Medical APLS Thermal Guard

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Combat Medical APLS Thermal Guard

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Highly Absorbent

APLS Thermal Guard is a portable and disposable absorbent litter that provides maximum thermal protection during emergency transport.  APLS Thermal Guard provides an integrated system for improved patient care: the highly absorbent cellulose core wicks fluids away from the patient, the fleece-lined bag and detachable hood retain body heat, and the treated nylon backing protects against wind and moisture.

Two close-able “L” shaped access points enable the patient to retain body heat while being treated by medical personnel. For added thermal protection, optional internal pockets provide a “heat zone” in four key areas when used with a mobile heat source.

APLS Thermal Guard can retain 4.5 liters of bodily fluid while safely supporting up to 450 pounds.  Two pockets inside the bag hold patient documents, x-ray disks and personal effects.

Product Features and Benefits

  • SUPPORT: 420 – 450 lbs. (190.51 -204.12 kg) wet or dry
  • FLEXIBLE: Detachable hood components
  • DURABLE: Lightweight and rugged design
  • Built-in thermal properties for warmth during transport
  • Contains up to 4.5 liters of blood and bodily fluid
  • Leak proof nylon backing
  • Closable access points aide with patient treatment and warmth

Clinical Benefits

  • Lightweight, rugged, strong
  • Eight handles for easy transport
  • Bottom straps secure to litters
  • Locker for patient documents
  • Detachable hood component

Product Specifications

  • Not made with natural rubber latex / Single patient use
  • Target Absorbency (H2O):4,500 to 5,000 grams (Target= 4,750 grams, or 4.5 liters)
  • Pad Thickness: 0.2250” (0.57 cm)
  • Dimensions-
    • Packaged: 33” x 91”(83.82 cm x 231.14 cm)
      • Weight: 6.60 – 6.65 lbs. dryweight (2.99 – 3.2 kg)
      • Weight Capacity: 420 – 450 lbs. (190.51 -204.12 kg) wet or dry
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