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Combat Medical APLS Litter Guard Wrap

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Combat Medical APLS Litter Guard Wrap

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APLS Litter Guard is an absorbent disposable pad that protects military litters from contamination caused by free-flowing blood and bodily fluids.

APLS Litter Guard’s absorbent core and underside moisture barrier (either textile or plastic) feature thermal properties, thereby preventing the loss of body heat through the bottom of the litter.

APLS Litter Guard can be adhered to most standard military litters, ensuring that the pad will not become loose in MediVacs due to wind and vibration.

APLS Litter Guard can be discarded after use according to state, local or military regulations. In most cases, the litter and MediVac units can be put directly back into service.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Absorbent core protects hardware while improving litter clean-up process
  • Thermal properties improve patient comfort and care
  • Easily attached to most military litters
  • Reinforced strapping to aide with patient stability
  • Lightweight, rugged and strong
  • Available with textile or plastic backing