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Cardio Partners Physio-Control LifePak Adult Quick-Combo Pads

Cardio Partners Physio-Control LifePak Adult Quick-Combo Pads

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Cardio Partners Physio-Control LifePak Adult Quick-Combo Pads

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The REDI-PAK pre-connect system allows electrode pad connection prior to use without breaking the package seal saving valuable time at patient arrival. This allows electrode pads to be pre-connected which eliminates time-consuming electrode pad changes and promotes continuity of patient care.

When it comes to defibrillation electrode pads, efficacy, patient comfort and ease of use are vital to defibrillation/cardioversion and positive patient outcomes. The EDGE System electrode pads with REDI-PAK gives the user the best technology available on all counts. 

  • For use with Physio Control (Medtronic) LifePak Defibrillators
  • A vital part of an automated external defibrillator (AED) unit
  • Electrodes are needed to properly deliver a shock to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim’s heart to get it restarted or to get it back to beating normally. Without electrodes, the AED is useless.
  • Allows the electrodes to be preconnected prior to the packaging seal being opened - saves time at the scene
  • Having extra pads for your AED is vitally important because pads, just like batteries, can expire. Make sure your AED program is fully equipped and ready by having extra pads on hand.
  • Shelf-life: 2 years
  • Lead length: 1.06m
  • For use with: LIFEPAK 500, LIFEPAK 1000, LIFEPAK 12, LIFEPAK 15, LIFEPAK 20e
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