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Introducing the latest innovation in self-defense, the new Byrna 12-Gauge Less-Lethal Shotgun Round. This revolutionary round allows gun owners to transform their lethal platform into an effective less-lethal weapon, capable of stopping an assailant without causing serious injury or death.

The Byrna 12-Gauge Kinetic ammunition produces 20 joules of energy (capable of breaking auto glass), an impressive 312 feet per second muzzle velocity with an effective range of 100+ feet. Deliver devastating less-lethal stopping power without the lethal consequences.

Unlike other less-lethal rounds on the market, Byrna's patented 12-gauge fin-tail projectile is highly accurate, extremely effective, and carries no more than 20 joules of energy. This means that while it may be painful, it falls well below the lethal threshold, giving gun owners the peace of mind they need to protect themselves and their loved ones without the fear of causing serious harm.

The round features a .61-caliber projectile that weighs 4.35 grams and measures 1.4 inches in length. Its solid projectile payload is encased in a 2.5-inch casing and is designed to be compatible with standard cylinder bore and improved cylinder choke. With an effective range of 100+ feet and a muzzle velocity of 312 fps, this round is the ultimate 12-gauge Less-Lethal option.

But what sets Byrna's 12-gauge round apart is its patented fin-tail projectile with cantilevered tailfins encircled by an annular to induce spin. This technology allows for spin stabilization, resulting in the most accurate 12-gauge round ever produced. And with a decibel level of only 117, it's 16 times quieter than conventional rounds, making it a great option for indoor use.

In addition to its self-defense capabilities, the round can also be used as a "glass break" round. And for those who prefer a chemical irritant payload, Byrna offers a chemical irritant option in the same size and weight as the kinetic round.

No one wants to take a life if they can avoid it, and with Byrna's 12-gauge rounds, gun owners can defend themselves and their families without the need to employ lethal force. Plus, there's no need to purchase a new weapons platform or modify existing ones, making it an easy and affordable addition to any home defense arsenal. Trust Byrna to keep you and your loved ones safe

Important Features and Specifications
• .61-caliber
• Projectile Weight – 4.35 grams
• Projectile Length – 1.4”
• Projectile Payload –Solid Projectile
• Casing Length – 2.5”
• Effective Range – 100+ feet
• Muzzle Velocity – 312 fps
• Joule Energy – 19.7 joules
• Decibels – 117 (Sixteen times quieter
than conventional round)
• Compatible with Standard Cylinder
Bore and Improved Cylinder Choke
• Can be used as a “glass break” round 

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