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Atomic Defense

Bulletproof Shield III+ AR-15 and AK-47 | Riot, VIP Movement, Active Shooter Response

Bulletproof Shield III+ AR-15 and AK-47 | Riot, VIP Movement, Active Shooter Response

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*Please allow 2-3 months for this item to ship. Pre-order today.

Eligible for Texas Grant Funds.  Also available for grant funds in other US states.

For contracts: All features are contract specific.  Refer to your department's contract for custom items and specifications.  

This bulletproof shield is the ultimate protection from rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47.  highly maneuverable due to its carrier handles and mounting straps.

Ballistic shields are great for shielding officers, VIP protection, covering walls, windows, doors, etc.  Whether at work, at home, or at school.  It's the ultimate AR-15 and AK-47 shield.

These shields are made from level III+ (3+) high-performance PEAD.  A hardened ballistic material that offers better than NIJ III Bulletproofing and MIL-SPEC Fragmentation defense. 

  • Industry-leading features: The most lightweight per square foot on the market that can be hung from most wall fixtures, hanging ceilings, placed on walls or doors, or hung like a picture. 
  • Ballistic resistance: NIJ Level III only stops up to AK-47s 7.62x39, but we stop up to AR-15 5.56x45 ammunition with this shield. It's more than capable of stopping multiple 5.56x45 from an AR-15 rifle, 7.62x39 from AK-47s, and other similar ammunition.  It will also stop handguns with ease: Everything from 9mm and .45 ACP to 12 Gauge Buckshot and Slugs. 
  • Testing procedures: Atomic Defense PEAD shields are tested WAY! above NIJ standards with at least 40 rounds from 5.56x45 from an AR-15 rifle and 7.62x39 from AK-47s. 

**Pre-Order Page - Video Testing of III/III+ to be inserted here when the video editor has finished drafting


  • Handles and Holding System: Waterproof coated armor with ergonomically angled handles for easier carrying and faster movement. 
  • Stops the Most Common Bullets: Above NIJ-STD-0101.06 III and above, which can stop .44 Magnum, 9mm, 12 gauge shotgun slugs, .40 cal, 45 ACP/Auto, .357 SIG, and 5.56, 7.62.  It goes above the standard and also stops .223 and 5.56 FMJ.
  • Customizations: Available for bulk orders and private labeling.


  • Sizes: 20 x 30" ergonomic and 21 x 26" squared options
  • Weights: Starting at 15 pounds
  • Ballistic Material: PEAD UHMWPE
  • Complies with: NIJ-STD-0101.06 and 0108.01

Assembled and In the Box

  • Non-flexible level III+ (3+) armor shield with accessories attached

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes This Ballistic Wall Panel Special?

While other manufacturers offer "cheap and heavy steel walls with wheels", Atomic Defense knows that these walls need to be moved AND when they need to be moved, they need to be moved quickly where roller wheels can't always get to.  That's why this shield can not only stop the most common bullets like 9mm and 5.56 from AR-15s, but can also be moved, dragged, hung, or hidden in countless ways.  Heavy steel and ceramic shields will slow you down and get you killed.  Keep it lightweight with this PEAD 3+ Wall Armor.

What is the difference between level III and IIIA shields?

All of the III and IIIA armor that we make is III+ and IIIA+, regardless of the terms we use to make Google happy.  Level III+ is able to stop common bullets shot from rifles.  This means rifles like the AK-47 and AR-15.  Level IIIA+ is able to stop common bullets shot from pistols like Glocks or Desert Eagles.

PEAD Armor Walls VS Steel Armor Walls VS Ceramic Armor Walls?

There are many reasons we don't offer walls like this in Steel or Ceramic.  We could easily make them, they'd even be cheaper and more efficient to make.  However, Ceramic or Steel walls have several huge flaws.  Steel would weigh about 4x as much.   Ceramic would weigh about 150% more, but won't take multiple shots that impact the same area.

Can't Someone Shoot Under the Shield?

Unlike most bulletproof walls that are usually made of steel, we use PEAD.  This means it can sit flat on the ground since there are no wheels and still be moved to where it needs to be.  Once the shield wall is placed on the ground, glancing bullets from a shooter trying to shoot under it will still be caught since the armored portion will be against the ground.

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