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Blade Runner

Blade Runner Rhino Duty Gloves With Knuckle Protection - Cut Resistance Level 5

Blade Runner Rhino Duty Gloves With Knuckle Protection - Cut Resistance Level 5

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Blade Runner Rhino Duty Gloves Without Knuckle Protection - Cut Resistance Level 5 - Ideal For Security - Gardeners - Refuse Collection

***Please allow for 2-5 weeks for delivery

Designed with Police and security staff in mind the “Rhinos" are comfortable, and we believe, the most protective gloves ever introduced on to the market. This version, with knuckle protection, gives just about as much protection as it is possible for any glove to give whilst retaining the flexibility to allow movement of your fingers. These are Bladerunner anti-slash gloves at their highest level of protection.

"Rhinos" have been tested by an accredited UK test house and passed EN388; 2003 6.1 (Abrasion resistance) level 4, EN388 6.2 (Blade cut resistance) level 5, EN388 6.3 (Tear resistance) level 4 and EN388 6.4 (Puncture resistance) level 4 all the highest levels achievable.

On the EN388 6.2 (Blade Cut Resistance) test the gloves have to withstand 20 slashes with a specified blade to achieve the highest level - The Rhino withstood an amazing, and not heard of before, 380 slashes with the specified blade.

The palm and finger tips of these gloves has an additional layer of protection which has also been independently tested according to ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Hypodermic Needle Puncture Clause 5.1.2 Table 3 and have reached level 2.

Abrasion resistance - method 6.1 Level 4
Blade cut resistance - method 6.2 Level 5
Tear resistance - method 6.3 Level 4
Puncture resistance - method 6.4
Level 4


Knuckle protection is designed to protect cyclists and motor cyclists knuckles in the event of an accident. Wearers should be aware that if used as an offensive weapon they are likely to be prosecuted by the relevant authorities.

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