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Blackhawk! 422006BK-L Leather TUC In Pant Holster KAHR

Blackhawk! 422006BK-L Leather TUC In Pant Holster KAHR

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This pancake holster from Blackhawk combines three mounting options into one design by allowing inside-the-pants, tuckable or belt-mounted wear for supreme versatility. If worn on the belt, it can be worn behind the hip, on the strong side or in the appendix position. The adjustable belt clips allow cant and ride height adjustment when carried inside-the-pants, allowing you to wear it in the way that best suits your natural draw. It is made from premium leather and injection-molded polymer, making it highly durable and allowing it to mold to your body for comfort. A built-in shirt shield makes it even more comfortable and repels moisture. The adjustable tension screw can be set for your ideal mixture of retention and ease of use, while the covered trigger guard improves security further.


  • Material: Leather and injection-molded polymer
  • Can be worn inside-the-pants, on the belt, or tucked
  • Inside-the-pants wear is ride height and cant adjustable
  • Belt carry allows strong side, appendix and behind-the-hip positions
  • Adjustable tension screw improves retention
  • Covered trigger guard improves security
  • Fits belt up to 1.5 inches wide
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