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Armor Express T-Shirt Armor Carrier

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Armor Express T-Shirt Armor Carrier

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The T-Shirt Armor Carrier design was inspired by a popular running shirt that provides maximum mobility and comfort. This T-Shirt Armor Carrier offers superior concealment through its low-profile architecture that reduces strap ridges on the wearer's shoulders. The shirt is constructed using a moisture wicking, anti-microbial Polyester/Spandex fabric, lined with a mesh pocket to hold the armor panels. The panels are inserted using a zipper opening for simplistic installation. There is an internal elastic waist band to ensure proper overlap and stability of the panels. The front of the shirt has a 5''—8'' plate pocket for inserts.

Product Specifications:
  • Polyester/spandex fabric with moisture-wicking anti-microbial properties
  • Interior suspension system prevents sagging of the armor panels
  • Internal waistband
  • Front 5''x8'' plate pocket accommodates inserts for added protection
  • Machine washable carrier
  • Gender neutral design