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Ace Link Armor

Ace Link Armor Quadrelease Ultra + 2x Level III 11"x14" Plates

Ace Link Armor Quadrelease Ultra + 2x Level III 11"x14" Plates

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Ace Link Armor Quadrelease Ultra + 2X Level III 11X14" Plates

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The QuadreleaseTM Plate Carrier was designed as a fast attach- fast detach plate carrier able to carry rifle plates or soft armor panels. The plate carrier is fitted for standard/shooter’s/swimmer’s cut rifle plates and has a quad-system self-lubricating quick release latches with high mechanical resistance, structural rigidity, and excellent impact resistance.

Plate Carrier Quadrelease Ultra
  • Durable 500D Nylon fabric.
  • Chest adjustment up to 52” circumference.
  • Quick release tags allow the carrier to be quickly removed, and at the same time quickly secured.
  • 11×14 front and back plate slots are able to accommodate both hard and soft panels. Side cummerbund is capable of accepting 6×13” soft armor plating.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps, Velcro patches on the front and back. Comes with MOLLE patches front, back, and side (LASER CUT is also available).
  • 4pcs Quick Release buckles for the fast attach – fast detach.
  • Ten mesh panels strategically placed to help dissipate perspiration and channel airflow, keeping you cooler and drier.
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps to help displace weight off your shoulders, also able to add soft armor panels
  • Cummerbund and shoulder strap size:
    • Chest size 47-52″

Ace Link Armor's level 3 rifle plates have been successfully tested and can stop multiple hits from rifle rounds up to 7.62 FMJ (M80 US ROUND) and .308 caliber. Made from ultralight polyethylene material, you can be rest assured it will stop the threat dead in its tracks. Whether that be getting in and out of your patrol car, standing guard at a facility, or delivering mail in a high crime area, you can rest easy knowing your protected by our Ace Link Armor.

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