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Ace Link Armor

Ace Link Armor Formoza Tactical Plate Carrier

Ace Link Armor Formoza Tactical Plate Carrier

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Ace Link Armor Formoza Tactical Plate Carrier

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Formoza Naval Special Operations Unit has conducted a number of maritime interdiction missions in Persian Gulf in support of the US led on Terrorism. During the recent hostilities in Iraq, a 12-man team of Formoza divers reportedly operated alongside the GROM special operations unit and conducted several joint operations alongside US and Australian special operations forces, also during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

  • Made out of durable 500D Nylon Cordura fabric.
  • Standard 10×12” SAPI sized Hard Rifle Plate compatibility.
  • Thanks to adjustable straps – fits plates of all thicknesses.
  • Laser cut MOLLE compatible load bearing system front and back
  • Detachable laser-cut front flap for easy attachment of pouches and accessories.
  • Compatible with Skeletac PC’s Kangaroo Pouch panels and inserts.
  • Galvanized Rubber-Like composite material to repel moisture and salt-water corrosion.
  • Overlap-Coverage of Shoulder and Waist closures using hook-and-loop panels for strong bond even in maritime operations.
  • Multi size cummerbunds available for wide-array of body sizes and torso lengths.

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