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3M Peltor ComTac VII | New Generation w/ TMAS (MILITARY & POLICE ONLY)

3M Peltor ComTac VII | New Generation w/ TMAS (MILITARY & POLICE ONLY)

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ComTac VII is only available to Military and Police.  

The 3M Peltor ComTac VII and Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS)

ComTac VII (7) is the newest generation of tactical communication and hearing protection, developed to help operators effectively communicate in dynamic noise environments.  Delivery and shipping times are determined based on order quantity.  Headsets are usually shipped in 14-60 days since they are made to order and then shipped after quality testing.  

Video Overview of 3M PELTOR TMAS

COMTAC VII PELTOR HEADSET DIFFERENT SETUPSWhat’s in the box with Atomic Defense ComTac VIIs?

  • 3M Peltor ComTac VII (7) Headset and Headband (pre-assembled)
  • Boom Mic included
  • (2) Spare Foam Mic Covers w/ Rubber Bands
  • Instruction Manual
  • (2) AAA Batteries
  • (2) Gel Earcups
  • (2) Foam Plate Earcup Spacers
  • Waterproof Battery Cover & Mil-Pin Cover
  • (2) ARC Rail Adapters for Helmets
  • Free Lifetime Manufacturing Defects Coverage from Atomic Defense


  • ComTac VII (7): Next generation of ComTac headset, with new looks, improved systems integration, and enhanced auditory situational awareness to help give operators a tactical edge. The system offers flexibility and scalability to address the needs of the modern operator, with the ability to manage legacy and future radio systems.
  • System Control Unit (SCU-300): Introducing the most advanced PELTOR Push-To-Talk (PTT), the SCU-300 offers wireless connectivity from body-to-headset and state-of-the-art, plug-and-play, multi-comm capability.
  • Remote Control Unit (RCU-300): The system comes equipped with a new remote PTT, that can be mounted on the weapon's rail – giving operators the capability to transmit and adjust volume without having to remove their hand from the weapon

RCU-300 with the ComTac VII

  • Tactical Earplug (TEP-300): Features in-ear, acoustical, speech communications microphones which pick up sound waves from your voice as you speak. This design eliminates the need for a traditional boom microphone, making it easier to use in combination with respiratory equipment. The cable-free design reduces snag hazards and further increases compatibility with other head-borne PPE.
  • Dual Hearing Protection: In many scenarios, dual hearing protection may be required not only for protection but to maintain clear communications. The 3M PELTOR Tactical Modular Audio System is designed to allow for dual hearing protection, to help provide additional attenuation when required. In dual protection mode, incoming audio is routed to the 3M PELTOR Tactical Earplug TEP-300 speakers and outgoing transmission through the ComTac VII speech microphone.

 Com Tac 7 headphones mic and plug view

Peltor Comtac 7 (VII) Overview

The 7th generation ComTac changes everything you thought capable with tactical hearing protection. The 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac VII Headset improves on every critical area that helps increase auditory operational effectiveness while providing new capabilities to address the challenges of communicating in dynamic noise environments.


  • Wireless connection to the 3M PELTOR system control unit, SCU-300 (not included). Go cord-free, with 3M’s NFMI-enabled wireless – reduced cable management, and snag-free operation.
  • Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB): short-range, headset-to-headset communication without the use of external communications.
  • Mission Audio Profiles (MAP): advanced ambient listening modes that allow access to a variety of gain settings, but with frequency shaping, to help enhance situational awareness.
  • New Headband Design. A complete redesign helps improve comfort when worn under a ballistic helmet.
  • The transition was made simpler. Simplified cable removal and resetting and redesigned arm guides that snap on/off (no tools required) for easy transition between Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) and headband.
  • Speech Microphone. Redesigned and embedded with patented 3M closed cell foam, delivers improved noise canceling transmission in high noise and wind while also improving dust and water ingress protection (IP68, 6m / 30 min).

COMTAC 7 HEADSET PELTOR 3M 7 description

  • Optional Wired Cable Connection. A port for an optional wired connection to the 3M PELTOR System Control Unit (SCU-300), as a primary or backup connection
  • New Battery Compartment. Redesigned, watertight battery compartment that does not require a tool to change batteries
  • New Microphone Attachment. Designed to help accommodate both left-handed and right-handed shooters without the need to relocate the microphone to the opposite side of the headset.
  • New Environmental Mic Design. The new profile of the ear cup widens and deepens the location of the upgraded microphones with a robust windscreen

What can be added with the 3M ComTac VII package

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Brochures are available on request.

Peltor ComTac VII Features and Product Specification Sheet

  • Product Type -  Personal Protective Equipment, Protective Communications, Over-ear Headsets
  • Battery LifeApprox. 50 hours (Environmental Listening) or Approx. 30 hours (Environmental Listening & NIB)
  • Communication Type - 2-Way
  • Connection Type - WirelessFeatures - Level Dependent Function, Mission Audio Profiles (MAP), NIB (Natural Interaction Behavior)
  • Hearing Protection Style - Earmuffs
  • Plug Type - Nexus Mil
  • Product Series - ComTac VII
  • Product Type - Headset
  • Suspension Method - Headband, Helmet Mount

FAQs for the ComTac VII (7)

Can I use the Peltor ComTac VII (7) headset without the RCU or other accessories?

Yes, you can use the ComTac VIIs and NIB without the RCU and SCU.  However, for radio communications, you will need the RCU and SCU for easy radio communication.

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