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221B Tactical

Velcro Shoulder Straps for Maxx-Dri Vest

Velcro Shoulder Straps for Maxx-Dri Vest

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After receiving suggestions from officers around the country and across the world, and after testing multiple concepts we decided to design and launch our new Maxx-Dri Vest Velcro accessory shoulder strips.

These are used to join or "marry" your Maxx-Dri Vest with your carrier so that you can take them on and off together as one unit.  This is a very convenient way to utilize your Maxx-Dri Vest together with either your internal or external carrier.  You can position these velcro strips to your liking.

And as always, we are committed to helping you "Eliminate the Impossible".

Dimension: 1" x 9" (trimmable to any desired length), 2 strips per set, shipped in a plastic bag

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