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United Nations Ballistic Helmets | UN Contractor | NIJ Level IIIA+ | Dark or Light Blue

United Nations Ballistic Helmets | UN Contractor | NIJ Level IIIA+ | Dark or Light Blue

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UN Helmet Style
Size (Head Circumference)

Contact us via email or chat prior to placing your order to confirm available stock and delivery times.  Production of large orders typically takes 30-60 days.  United Nations ID or Contractor Bid Intent Required.  

Our United Nations bulletproof helmets are for UN member nations, contractors, clients, and members of the press.  (Press versions come with "PRESS" written on the sides).  We produce these helmets in UN Blue, which is used in most countries, and the Darker UN Blue, typically used in Africa.  If you are looking to purchase helmets, this is the place to purchase them or request a quote for bulk manufacturing.  

Our Industry-Leading Testing Process

All of our UN helmets and Press helmets undergo the same trials and certification that our other Mil-Spec helmets do.  However, we also test them above existing standards that the body armor industry uses. For example, NIJ 0106.01 for helmets. Our helmets are ultra-durable, boasting superior resistance against bullets and a 2x longer life span even in rigorous field conditions. Plus, we back our helmets with a remarkable warranty that you can depend on.  


  • Lightweight: NIJ IIIA+ armor helmets with ballistic shells that only weigh 2.8 pounds.  One of the lightest in the industry.
  • Incredible stopping power: Can stop the same ammunition as a level 3A police or military vest. (44 Magnum, 9mm, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 12 gauge slug, buckshot, and many more!)
  • Only the highest quality materials: Built with the exact materials and craftsmanship we use for police, civilian, and military clients. The 360-degree all-weather coating keeps water, dust, and sand out of the helmet's ballistic core for an extended lifespan.
  • Tested beyond the latest NIJ standards: Rated for multiple bullet impacts and rated for higher level threats than the current NIJ 0106.01 standards.
  • Completely adjustable: Easily adjustable ratchet headband with auto-lock, 4-point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip, adjustable padding, and multiple sets of padding with varying thickness make sure any soldier can use these helmets comfortably.
  • Easily add Mil-Spec gear and accessories: ARC rail system with 2-point bungee and vertical + horizontal ARC rails let Peacekeepers mount goggles, visors, flashlights, and other useful equipment they have typically gone without.


  • NIJ II, IIA, and IIIA latest 0106.01 standards surpassed in testing
  • Aramid Shell Weight: Less than 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
  • Fits: See chart below (Head circumference measured starting above brow-line)


    Head Circumference

    Hat Standard





    20 - 23

    50 - 59

    6 1/4 - 7 1/2


    22 - 27

    57 - 69

    7 1/8 - 8 1/2+


    Assembled and In the Box:

    • UN Bulletproof Helmet
    • Straps and harness system (Black on UN and Press models)
    • Exterior Velcro (UN Blue)
    • ARC rail system (UN Blue)
    • Bolts holding the ARC rails in place (Black)
    • Bungees with self-hold integrated into the ARC rails (UN Blue)
    • NVG Shroud (Sometimes called the NVG mount) (Color matched)
    • Interior Tan padding set (safety)
    • Interior padding sets (one thin set and one thicker set). Padding sets can be mixed and matched as long as the tan safety padding remains.
    • ARC to Picatinny adapter


    • Complies with: US Standard - Mill STD 662 E, UK Standard - UK/SC/5449, NATO Standard - STANAG 2920, NIJ 0106.01, and NIJ 0108.01
      • VPAM: PM 1-5 with PM 6 resistance.
      • TR DE: SK L-2 with SK 3 resistance.
      • HOSDB: HG1/A-HG2 with RF1 resistance.
      • GOST: Class 1-2A with Class 3 resistance.
      • GOST 2017: BR 1-3 with BR 4 resistance. 

    Order FAST Helmets Online Today

    Order a UN MICH/ACH or High Cut helmet through Atomic Defense, a trusted and listed United Nations supplier, for level IIIA+ head protection.  Ordering helmets for your UN contract has never been easier to purchase. We offer various customization and wholesale options for bulk orders. 

    Our experts are happy to help you decide on the right helmet or discuss our NIJ testing methods, so contact Atomic Defense today!

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