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UARM™ HRB™ Huge Resource Bag

UARM™ HRB™ Huge Resource Bag

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UARM™ HRB™ Huge Resource Bag

**Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks!

With 6 285 in³ of volume in the central compartment alone, HRB™ is designed to carry everything you need, everywhere you need. There are multiple ways that you can carry the HRB™, including your hands, shoulders, back, or even roll it on the ground on its discreet wheels.


Concealed Pouches And Pockets

The inside of HRB™ has a range of pockets and holding compartments to separate your gear and keep everything in place. The pockets are large enough to store valuable gear, and you might opt to keep items susceptible to wind, rain, or temperature changes on the inside.


Instantly Find What You Need

HRB™ bag has a 180° opening on the top that allows you to see exactly what you have stored and where. This way you don’t need to rummage around your bag to find the gear that you need, but have everything laid out in plain sight.


Declare What Is Yours

The HRB™ bag has a dedicated patch to allow for either personalized or unit markings that will make you recognize your bag amongst many others. Keep your insignia visible and use it with pride.

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