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UARM™ BHBH™ Boltless High-Cut Ballistic Helmet

UARM™ BHBH™ Boltless High-Cut Ballistic Helmet

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UARM™ BHBH™ Boltless High-Cut Ballistic Helmet

**Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks!

Garnering the same robust shell and suspension system, the Boltless High-Cut Ballistic Helmet takes away the attachments on the sides, removing any weak-points and offering homogenous head protection. By removing all bolts, this innovative helmet design vastly increases the safety of the operator while keeping all the comfort and utility of a high-end ballistic helmet.


Adapt To Your Environment

The helmet pass test in certified labs for a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation: NIJ STD 0106.01 Level IIIA: 9mm, 44 Mag. & .357 SIG NATO STANAG 2920 17 grain (1.1 gram) FSP V50: 990 m/s (3,250 ft/s) DSTU 8835:2019 Class 1A: 9mm Makarov


Customize Don’T Compromise

The BHBH™ offers a firm external covering, outside of the ballistic shell of the helmet, capable of accepting the revolutionary designed up-armored modules. Optional attachments allow you to adapt to the threat level whenever you need it without ever compromising the integrity of the helmet.


Customize Your Rig

BHBH™ helmet was designed to enable maximum equipment compatibility/customization. An improved front mount keeps NVGs/Cameras/Lights secure while side rails provide mounting points for a massive range of tactical equipment – making the BHBH™ ready for any mission.


The Rail Is Still There

The BHBH™ uses a Picatinny rail, known as the MIL-STD-1913, to allow for the same utility found in the older models but without any compromises about the structural integrity of the helmet.


Mission Ready

Adjust your helmet quickly via the modern BHBH™ suspension system. The single rear-facing crank allows for single-handed tightening – securing the helmet so effectively it virtually eliminated the need for a chin buckle.


Find Your Fit

Double layered padding is connected to the helmet via Velcro®, allowing you to arrange individual pads to create the perfect fit. We also include a replacement set of pads so you can replace damp pads or repair any damage.


Complete Head Protection

The BHBH™ has a ballistic layer and outer shell made to be completely uniform and without kinks, bolts, or any openings that might decrease the structural integrity of the helmet. And, with such design, there is also nothing on the helmet that might hurt the operator.


Know Your Armor

Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Composed of a molded Teijin Twaron® aramid ballistic fabric, and protective hardshell exterior to handle impact and moisture. This design combination ensures superior durability and longevity in combat conditions.

Product Features:

  • Zero-bolts homogenous dome with no structural weak-points
  • Unique and fresh new design in the industry
  • Advanced high cut, ballistic shell made from high-end molded Teijin Twaron® aramid
  • Easy reinforcement with FUHA™ Frontal Up Head Armor for significant frontal lobe improved ballistic protection against rifles
  • The ingenious design of the dome extends beyond the coronal suture allowing for a greatly increased margin of protection
  • Ear geometry allows for maximum compatibility with communication devices while reducing the weight of the helmet
  • Picatinny interface side rail adapters for easy installation of comms, tactical cams, side-lighting, sentry visors, or added protection like the SUFA™ Side Up Face Armor
  • Coated hardened steel shroud compatible with a full range of NVG and NOD devices
  • The bungee retention system on the shroud reduces interference and snag hazards
  • Unique corset-type attraction system on the shell for adjusting the rails and NVG mount position for placing the equipment exactly where you needed without clashing
  • 12-piece dual-layer autonomous foam padding with Velcro® attachments for adjustments to individual comfort and easy maintenance
  • High-capacity Velcro® panels for ID patches and light accessories
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