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The Southerner (Scrim)

The Southerner (Scrim)

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As ivilized living beings, we have to expose our head first to identify potential threats. Therefore, it is always a good a idea to limit exposure for such as vital part of your body.

Camouflage scrim nets have been used for decades to provide a highly effective solution to conceal small observation post to an entire artillery cannon.

Our helmet camo scrim derives from the same principle, but we made the cut much more complex to add depth and texture, making it even more effective and stretchy to fit most helmets on the market. We also provide tethering tabs so the net doesn't just ripped off your helmet in the situation it gets caught on something.

This version of the helmet camo scrim is made to imitate vegetation consisting of mostly compound leaves (pinnate, trifoliolate, palmate). Since camouflage is based on the principle of mimicry, we recommend that you choose the foliage according to your local vegetation.


  • Complex cut to provide more depth and texture for a higher camouflage effectiveness
  • Easy to install and remove on the go
  • Tethering option
  • Made of lightweight laser-cut Cordura 500D
  • One size fits all
  • NIR compliant so it does not glow under night vision (if you are under threat of enemy NVG, we highly recommend that you pick one of the shades of Multicam).


  • Weight: 50 g - 55 g/1.76 oz - 1.94 oz

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