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Condor MOPC Plate Carrier and Spartan Level III+ AR550 Body Armor Package

Condor MOPC Plate Carrier and Spartan Level III+ AR550 Body Armor Package

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Condor MOPC Plate Carrier and Spartan Level III+ AR550 Body Armor Package

**Estimated Manufacturer's Lead Time: 2 - 4 weeks!

NOTE: Advanced Triple Curve (ATC) and Full Coat products may experience an additional 1-2 week delay on top of the current lead time.

This package includes a rugged carrier and heavy duty plates to go with it. The front and back are single curve steel plates and the package is a whole is III+ compliant – which is defined as defending against “high velocity” threats.

  • Level III+ – This heavy-duty armor is designed to protect against high-velocity threats and everything below.
  • Upgradeable As well as changing color and plate thickness, you’ll have the option to upgrade to an advanced fragmentation mitigation coating.
  • Drag Handle – The reinforced drag handle allows your colleague to swiftly remove you from danger should you be injured, without turning you away from the threat. This allows you to supply cover fire.

Of course, if you want even more protection, you have the freedom to upgrade your plates before placing the order. Even left alone, this is a seriously impressive kit and would be well-suited to law enforcement personnel thanks to the emergency drag handle, which allows you and your colleagues to rescue each other safely. Know more about how you can further upgrade your loadout through our article. 

Condor MOPC Features:
  • Fits Spartan Armor Systems™ 10″x12″ AR500/AR550/Armaply Shooter’s Cut armor plates, SAS IIIA Soft Armor, and our Level IV composites
  • Emergency drag handle.
  • Detachable shoulder pads.
  • Side release buckles on shoulders and internal waist strap.
  • Easy access to ballistic plates with pull down flaps.
  • Adjustable/detachable cummerbund with pockets for side armor.
  • One front map pocket with snap, hook & loop closure.
  • All armor compartments (front, back & sides) have hook and loop panel.
  • Lightly padded mesh on front and back harness for comfort and airflow.

Level III+ Spartan AR550 Armor

We’ve taken the Level III Body Armor to a NEW level! Spartan Armor Systems™ is pleased to introduce our AR550 Body Armor! With a 10% increase in ballistic core hardness, our level III+ AR550 armor defeats higher velocity threats such as XM193, M855, and M80! We’re special rifle threat validated!

Our AR550 armor hits the “sweet spot” in the Brinnell Hardness (BHN) range. With a core hardness of approximately 545-560 BHN, we have found our ballistically rated variant of AR550 that we use is perfect for defeating higher velocity threats, while not exposing the armor plate to extreme stress due to forming.

Our AR550 Level III+ armor has our GEN2 lower cut radius. With a 10% increase in core hardness, this ballistic grade steel is much harder than AR500, but not too hard to cause severe stress while forming.

Advanced Triple Curve (ATC) AR550 Spartan Body Armor. An industry FIRST! Spartan Armor Systems is proud to be the FIRST in the industry to commercially offer triple-curved AR550 body armor. With higher velocity rifle threats commonly present throughout the United States, we’ve developed this AR550 armor to specifically defeat some common threats such as 5.56 x 45 XM193, 5.56 x 45 M855 /SS109 and 7.62 x 51 (.308 Winchester) at a rated velocity of 3,100 fps or less. Additionally, we’ve successfully defeated these threat profiles from Close Quarters Battle (CQB) distances…repeatedly!

  • Level III+ Side Plates: Choose from either 6″ x 6″ (small) or 6″ x 8″ (large)
  • Chest Plate Weight (per plate): 10x12 AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 8lbs 1oz. Full Coat 8lbs 10oz.
  • Side Plate Weight (per plate): 6×6 approximately 2lbs 9oz (base coat), 2lbs 11oz (full coat), 6×8 approximately 3lbs 6oz (base coat), 3lbs 12oz (full coat).
  • Thickness: .25″ AR550 plus approximately .25″ coating (full coat) makes this slim profile plate overall .5-.6″ in total thickness
Fits these Sizes:
Chest Size (in.) 38" - 40" 42" - 44"

46" - 48"

Return requests should be submitted within 10 days upon receiving the package.

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