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Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

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Promote Healthy Digestion: Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Improve your pet's digestion and overall well-being with our Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. Designed to prevent issues like bloat, regurgitation, and obesity, this bowl features ridges and maze patterns that slow eating pace by up to 10 times. Engaging dogs during mealtime, it encourages a slower pace, aiding digestion and reducing overeating behavior.

🐾 Works with dry, wet, & raw food

🐾 Food-safe materials

🐾 Non-slip base

🐾 Top rack dishwasher safe

Crafted with food-safe, high-strength ABS materials, this bowl is phthalate-free and bite-resistant. Give your pet the flexibility to enjoy wet, dry, or raw food meals, while the curved obstacles and smooth finish make it easy to rinse clean after each use. 🍽️🐾

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