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RNVG-VG Housing Kit

RNVG-VG Housing Kit

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The RNVG-VG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle - Variable Gain) is an extremely tough, full featured night vision binocular and is the variable gain version of our standard RNVG. Any user familiar with PVS-14 goggles will find the controls to be intuitive.  The switch and focusing functions are identical to the PVS-14. The switch has 3 positions: Off, On, and On with IR illuminator.  The RNVG-VG has IR signaling capability.  As a safety feature the switch knob must be pulled out to turn the IR illuminator on and a red indicator light appears in the viewing plane to alert the user that the illuminator is on.  The image intensifier gain is adjustable via the knob opposite the power switch to change image brightness.

RNVG-VG optics feature a full range of adjustments.  The mil-spec objectives allow the user to focus between 9.8 inches and infinity, while the mil-spec eyepieces offer a diopter adjustment range of -6 to +2.  The interpupillary distance is adjustable to match the users eye spacing from 51mm to 73mm.  IP adjustment is accomplished with IP adjustment screws that maintain user settings using a ball-detent method to prevent any changes due to vibration.

The RNVG-VG was designed from the ground up to be extremely tough with both the optical pods and bridge on the RNVG-VG being CNC machined from solid billet 7075 aluminum to prevent breakage.  This material is 36% stronger than most common steel making the RNVG-VG the most rugged night vision goggle in production.  Careful design combined with advanced machining techniques have kept the weight of the RNVG-VG down to 615 grams (without battery). 

The goggle will be available in Flat Black and Flat Dark Earth.  The components of the binocular are media blasted to give a non-reflective matte finish, then black anodized for durability.  For the FDE option, Cerakote, a proven firearms finish, is applied over the anodizing to give a tough, attractive finish.

NOTE: Does not include optics.


  • power source: (1) cr123 size battery
  • focus range: 9.8” to infinity
  • operation time: approximately 16 hours on lithium battery
  • magnification: (1x) one power
  • field of view: 40 degrees
  • interpupillary adjustment: 51 to 73mm
  • diopter adjustment: -6 to +2
  • eye relief: 25mm
  • gain: variable
  • weight: 219g housing only, 615g w/o battery (std military optics and l3 tubes)   
  • dimensions: 4.7” x 4.2” x 2.9”
  • ir illuminator: built in
  • water resistance: submersible to 66 ft
  • ir led & low battery indicators: yes
  • intensifier tubes: compatible with mx-11769 style, or 10160 without gain  functionality
  • optics: compatible with pvs-14 eyepiece and objective


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